5-Step Guide to Prepare Your Home for Winter


Winter is one of the most fun times of the year. For homeowners, though, it can also be a stressful period. Drains can get damaged, driveways face being blocked, and ceilings can start to leak – just to name a few common problems.

Fortunately, by using this guide, you can prepare your home for winter. As the saying goes, ‘If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready’. 

Follow each of the five steps carefully to ensure maximum protection.

Step 1: Bring in pest control experts

Step 1 is arguably the most important step of all – call up pest control in Chapel Hill.

It’s that time of the year when rats and other rodents invade people’s homes for food, warmth, and shelter. The second you see any lurking around your home – or suspect you’ve been invaded – contact pest control experts and get the help you need. After a free inspection, they will eliminate any pest infections you have, no matter where the problem area is. It could be your garage, or it could be your attic, it doesn’t matter: the problem will get handled.

Remember, it’s never a good idea to think you can eliminate rodents yourself. Instead, make your life easy and get professional rodent removal assistance this winter!

Step 2: Examine your walls and roof

Your home’s walls and roof are exposed to harsh weather conditions during the winter, from icy cold temperatures to lashings of snow. Therefore, it’s important to conduct regular examinations of them so that you can spot any weak areas quickly. For example, a small crack on the roof can start to expand over the winter and – before you know it – it’s turned into a huge leak. Therefore, it’s vital to stay on top of everything. Just make sure to wear safety gear when examining your roof whilst using a strong and sturdy ladder. 

Step 3: Have some back-up lighting

Power cuts are common throughout the winter. In case one happens during the holidays, you don’t want to be stuck in the dark! That’s why it’s smart to have back-up lighting prepared for the worst-case scenario. Candles and flash lights are must-haves. Plus, you can use the flashlight on your iPhone or Android if you’re out of options.

Step 4: Invest in snow removal equipment

If you get snowed in this winter, it’s important to note roll over and accept your fate. After all, you probably have a job to go to and weekly shopping to do.

So, the solution is to invest in snow removal equipment – like shovels and snow blowers – so that you’re ready.

When the snow does come, you’ll be able to grab your equipment and get to work. Just make sure to stretch before so that you don’t pull any muscles. If your neighbors are willing to lend a helping hand, even better.

Step 5: Evaluate your home insurance

Home insurance is important during the winter season. If any damages occur as a result of the weather, you need to make sure your plan covers them.

When you have some free time, call up your provider and double-check your plan. If you’re not covered, then it might be time for an insurance upgrade.