4 Actions to Take Before Bringing a Puppy Home


You’re likely eager to bring home your new puppy to shower them with attention and make them feel a part of the family. Love and affection are exactly what a puppy needs from its new family. However, there are some essential products they will require to feel comfortable, safe, and healthy.

Puppies will have many needs you must cater to and some bad habits to iron out as soon as possible. Make their transition much easier by reading about the four actions to take before bringing a puppy home.

1.   Talk to the Current Puppy Owner

It doesn’t matter if you have sourced a puppy from a shelter, pet store, or private breeder; you must ask if they have received the correct puppy vaccinations. Most puppies are vaccinated between six to ten weeks, and the jabs will offer protection from various diseases, such as:

·         Parainfluenza

·         Kennel cough

·         Canine distemper

·         Canine parvovirus

2.   Register Your Puppy at a Local Vet

Next, you will need to register your puppy at a local vet, especially if the current owner hasn’t arranged a puppy’s vaccinations. Once your puppy arrives, take them along to a reputable veterinary clinic for an exam, such as easyvet at a Melissa vet hospital. In addition to providing a puppy’s core vaccinations, one of the qualified vets can microchip your puppy, perform various health tests, start flea and tick treatments, and provide a nutritional consultation. It will provide peace of mind that your puppy is healthy and protected. If you have any questions about your puppy’s needs, a vet will be more than happy to answer them.

3.   Prepare Your Home

You must buy various items and prepare your home for your puppy’s arrival. A crate or a cozy dog bed should be at the top of your list, as it will provide them with a safe, comfortable place to rest in the home. Also, position it in a quiet, draft-free space to ensure your puppy is warm and won’t be disturbed.

If possible, ask if you can take a blanket from their first home, as it can provide your new pooch with comfort and a familiar scent.

Your dog will need lots of toys for stimulation and exercise throughout the day, too. Plus, you must remove any potentially poisonous or dangerous items you don’t want your puppy to chew on, such as:

·         Certain common plants

·         Loose electrical cords

·         Food bags

·         Chocolate

·         Paints and solvents

·         Household cleaners

4.   Stock Up on Puppy Food

Your puppy will need to follow a strict, nutritious diet each day to support their health, growth, and happiness. Talk to a breeder or dog shelter about a puppy’s current diet and buy the items in advance.

Once you have brought a puppy home, follow the same diet for at least the first week to avoid an upset stomach. Moving into a new home is an overwhelming experience for a puppy, and introducing foods will add to their stress levels. Allow a puppy to adjust to its surroundings before adding different products into its diet.

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