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Do you remember Sigmund and the Sea Monsters !! ??

On Friday, October 13th, Amazon Prime Video released their rebooted series, Sid and Marty Krofft's Sigmund and the Sea Monsters! Based on the beloved 1970s children's program from Sid and Marty Krofft, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters is an all-new original series that follows brothers Johnny (Solomon Stewart) and Scotty (Kyle Breitkopf), and their cousin Robyn (Rebecca Bloom) as they befriend the harmless and funny Sigmund - a real live sea monster! This team of friends makes it their mission to protect their new friend from the town’s overzealous Captain Barnabas (David Arquette).

In celebration of the season release, you can download fun activity sheets, cut out masks and artwork here. I've also included some fun DIY and activity videos below to get everyone in the Sigmund spirit this Halloween season! These activities are fun that the entire family can enjoy together!

Download Artwork, Activity Sheet and Cut Out Mask here:

DIY Halloween Sea Monster Costume -
Fishing for Sea Monsters -
All About Sigmund

Good Buys All the Time's Baby & Toddler Clothing for Halloween

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Baby Girls Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch Long Sleeve Bodysuit PLUS Matching Headband Bow

Carter's Unisex Baby Halloween Bib 

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Paw Patrol Halloween Glow in the Dark Top & Pants Pajama Set for Toddler Boys and Girls  

My weight loss journey with Personal Trainer Food

I was thrilled to try Personal Trainer Food for one month. I received over 90 meals that consisted of breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks. I said to myself how do they ship so many meals from a distance. I was so surprised when I received my box. It was packaged with dry ice and every meal was frozen.
Here is a video of me unboxing Personal Trainer Food Meals

Six Fabulous Features of an Electric Fireplace

There is nothing more comforting than curling up on a chilly winter night with a quilt on, drinking hot chocolate, and reading a good book. Igniting a fire in the fireplace will make your experience even better; however, this can be a tedious job. Logs must be put into the bushel and lighted until they sizzle enough to produce flares. Instead of investing the energy and time demanded by this undertaking, electric fireplaces appear a better option to be used. Wall Fireplace Pros stocks a huge range of electric fireplaces which are convenient to install, have attractive designs, and emit no harmful gases.

Today, people’s interest in electric fireplaces is seeing an all-time high. Yet there is a considerable amount of misinformation out there, complicating the task of choosing the right wall fireplace. The good thing is, this process isn't too troublesome if you're aware of the right questions to ask. On that note, here are the six features to consider before buying an electric fireplace

1.       Construction
Look for the material used in the mantle. Is it pressboard or solid wood? What about the firebox? You should consider a fireplace as a piece of furniture for your home since it offers both shape and function. For your better knowledge, solid wood depicts quality, while pressboard – not really.

2.       Details
Take a look at the fireplace as a whole. Are the bottom, sides, and corners detailed? Did the maker put efforts into creating the entire mantle look appealing, or are the details and moldings just on the front part? A detailed fireplace piece will only ensure that you’re buying a quality household item.

3.       Realistic Flame
Regardless of the type of fireplace you own, one thing you yearn for is the look of realistic flames. In electric fireplaces, there is a great variety in this feature. You will find brands both on the high-end and lower-end sides that offer the best flames. Just make sure you do your homework before heading out to the market.
4.       Realistic Logs and Embers
While you pay attention to the ambiance of a fireplace, you may overlook the logs even though they are an important factor. Search for logs that appear singed and shine when on, and appear real when off. There can be nothing imperfect than a log which seems to be a broken bit of concrete.

5.       Finish
A fireplace is a lifetime investment. Don't fall prey to the price tags, because if it looks cheap, chances are it is cheap! Go for an intense, glossy finish rather than something that appears shabby or painted on.

6.       Remote Control & Plug and Play
Yes, these are two distinct features. A quality fireplace is always equipped with a remote control to operate it. Plug and Play simply means all you have to do is plug the electric fireplace into an outlet. What's more, you do not even need an electrician to do this job. This is what makes an electric fireplace a convenient and effective choice. 

for beautiful Electric Fireplaces that will transform your room into the most amazing room in your home. 

Prep for the Holidays with Samsung Appliances from Best Buy

Samsung is one of the best brands that sell many different products. They are known for their electronics, washers dryers so many products. . We are also been big fans of Samsung — our washer, dryer, refrigerator and televisions are all Samsung. There is no question that we will be upgrading our kitchen with Samsung appliances from Best Buy.

The best time of year is approaching the "Holiday Season" and if you are looking for any type of new appliances you should check out Best Buy "Prep for the Holidays

Top 3 Ways To Be an Animal Advocate and Support A Cause You Believe In

The recent devastating rush of hurricane Harvey and Irma has left both victims and bystanders desperately seeking help and opportunities to help others. Among the most helpless? Animals, a cause that’s close to my heart. Many owners, for one reason or another, felt they were unable to take their beloved pets along with them to safety, displacing thousands of vulnerable animals.

Five Reasons Why We Just Can’t Get Enough With Dogs

Perhaps you are in the middle of a dilemma whether you want to get another dog or not. You may have previous good experiences that can either be amazing such as playing fetch with your neighbor's dog or having your face licked by a cute puppy. Anything that brings you to a nostalgic feeling of wanting to have a dog always leads you to a decision of getting one again. 

What is your favorite Scary Halloween Movie? Favorite Family Movie ?

Do you love watching movies ? Check out the 13 Scariest Classics and 13 Favorites for the Entire Family
What is your favorite Halloween Movie ?

Beautiful products to Enhance Your Outdoor Water Features

A water feature adds tons of beauty and value to your property, no matter if it's installed in the front or backyard of your home. But a water feature itself needs a little touch up here and there to make it an appealing focal point. Thus, you may end up looking for ideas to accessorize it to make it eye-catching. Before we move ahead, you may want to have a look at Soothing Walls that offers a great range of beautiful outdoor water features for your garden, deck, and patio.

FOXEL Premium Classic Rosewood Handle Steak Knife Set Gift Box, Sharp Rust-Proof German Stainless Steel Serrated Blade, Perfect Gourmet Cutlery Gift

I received for review a set of Foxel Steak Knives. They came nicely boxed (would make a great gift).
Took them out ran them through the dishwasher. The color slightly changed on some but that is what happens to wood. Nice and clean put them away and used them when we I was serving steaks.

They really did make a difference when cutting steaks. They easily cut through the meat and was easy to handle. They have serrated blades which cut through a rib eye steak easily. It does make a difference what type of knife you use on steaks and I never realized that until I tried this set.

The company states that they will not rust I can't say that because they are to new. The company does offer a 365 day return policy which I think is awesome if something does go wrong with the set.

I do recommend them and if you would like to check them out on Amazon you can visit FOXEL STEAK KNIVES