Tech Startup’s App, No Need To Sign Up For Any More Subscription Services

Gatsby is a Stanford University graduate and his extensive experience prior to developing the Gatsby TV app includes engineering jobs at Apple, Microsoft, and Google. He believes there's lots of great platforms that have an impressive amount of content that are not charging a subscription fee. The Gatsby TV app seeks to end the frustration of scrolling through shows and movies to find something you like.

By providing a watch list within the app you can add suggestions to it from friends and family, or if they're also on the app that person can send you a recommendation right into your inbox. Relying on real people that you already know and trust, Gatsby thinks is a more accurate system rather than letting each streaming network's algorithms tell you what it feels you'll like next. And of course, those only show you what is offered on their platform.

Gatsby set out to solve some universal problems we've all experienced with streaming platforms and checking out the Gatsby TV app is worth a look to save you time in your search of what to watch and money in finding out where it might not cost you anything to view your next show or movie.

  • Looking at where to stream for free without renting or starting a subscription

  • Why we are all growing tired of having so many subscriptions each month

  • Taking a look at the app and ways it can change where we find what to watch

  • Ending the frustration of scrolling through shows to find something you like

  • The issues with user data from Netflix, etc. for suggesting your next series

  • Relying on recommendations from real people on the app, instead of algorithms