How to Be Productive at Weekends: 7 Brilliant Ideas


If you keep having boring weekends, it’s time to switch your life up. Sure, binge-watching Netflix in your bed on Saturday and Sunday can be fun - but not every weekend. No, no, no. It’s time to be productive, instead!

There is a wide range of different activities that you can do to be productive at the weekend. Let’s take a look at some of the best activities.

1.   Start a side hustle

Side hustles are perfect for the weekend. They raise your productivity levels, put your skills to the test, and provide you the opportunity to earn some extra dough. What’s not to love about that?

Your side hustle should be focused on a specific talent you have. For example, if you’re a sneaker head, you should sell sneakers. Or, if you’re an excellent translator, you could start your own freelance translation business!

However, you can’t have a business without your own website. A website will help you to build your brand reputation and drive sales, so you should get to work on launching one as soon as possible.

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2.   Join a gym or workout at home

During the week, many people don’t have the opportunity to be active and exercise due to work commitments. But when the weekend rolls around, there’s no excuse for not burning some calories!

Ideally, you should join a gym, as you’ll gain access to lots of different equipment. Plus, you’ll also meet a lot of cool people at the gym; and can even hire your own personal trainer. However, if you don’t want to workout in a public place, that’s totally fine: you can workout at home, instead.

These days, there are lots of online fitness classes that you can stream in your living room, as well as fitness channels on YouTube that you can watch.

3.   Fix problems around your home (Hello, DIY!)

If you have any outstanding problems around your home, such as a broken bookcase or fading wall paint in the kitchen, it’s time to put your DIY skills to test at the weekend! It might be a little tiring – and even frustrating – but you’ll feel incredibly satisfied once the job is finished.

4.   Replace your old tech equipment

Is your phone model outdated? Are you two generations behind on gaming consoles? Or, maybe your watch looks like something from the 1990s? If so, use the weekend as an opportunity to replace your old tech equipment. You can either visit tech stores in-person or shop online, whichever you prefer.

5.   Plan next year’s holidays

After a tough 18 months, couples and families can finally start to go on stress-free holidays again – yay!

But rather than rushing any bookings, you should use a couple of weekends to browse destinations and plan where you’d be happy to stay.

6.   Start new hobbies

Weekends are meant for hobbies. Whether its hiking or playing video games, you should use the weekends as a time to enjoy what you’re passionate about.

7.   Spend some quality time with your spouse and family

Finally, use the weekend to spend some quality time with your spouse and family.

If you’re single, don’t worry: you can hit the bars and clubs with your friends. Pretty soon, you’ll find Mr. or Mrs. Right!