5 Signs Cosmetic Surgery May Be Right for You


No one should go into cosmetic surgery without fully understanding the results they want to achieve, the complications that could occur, and the realistic results. Even when you know all of these things, it’s still not a decision to jump into, as it’s not a temporary solution. Unlike procedures like facial fillers, many cosmetic surgeries last years and years. Of course, for many, this is a good thing, but it also means you must make sure that it is absolutely right for you and your body. Here are five signs that it is.

1: You Know a Good Surgeon

A good surgeon is critical if you want to achieve the results that you like. Plus, reputable surgeons are often more realistic with you – giving you the rundown on the results you should expect as well as any risks you should be prepared for, just in case. Not only that but going with the right surgeon decreases the chances of complications, which is an important factor when you’re changing your appearance!

Even if the surgery is a relatively minor one, make sure you go to someone you can one-hundred-percent trust. Be sure to look at past patient results for an indication of their competency. If you are interested in rhinoplasty, look for DeRosa Center in Boston, as they have an excellent track record and a brilliant doctor. 

2: You Have Realistic Expectations

You can’t expect to have an entirely different face when you step out of the surgery. In fact, many cosmetic surgeries take a while for the results to show, and for the first few weeks, it might look even worse than before due to swelling and bruising. For those that expect instantly amazing results, cosmetic surgery isn’t for you. For those that are realistic about their expectations, however, you are likely a better candidate for the procedure.

3: You Understand What the Surgery Entails

You don’t want to walk into surgery with no idea about what the doctor is going to do. Even if you know how the results will likely look, you also need to understand what is being performed. After all, it’s your body, and you should know what’s happening to it! If you have done some thorough research and you know all about the surgery, and you are still happy about getting it, then it’s a sign that it’s the right one for you.

4: The People in Your Life Know About It

If you are serious enough about cosmetic surgery that you have discussed it with the people in your life, it shows you have seriously thought about everything. While the surgery is personal to you, that doesn’t mean it won’t affect others in your life, so it’s a good sign if you’ve already included them in the conversation.

5: You’ve Wanted It for a Long Time

The biggest sign that cosmetic surgery is right for you is that you have wanted it for a long time. No plastic surgery should be rushed into, especially if it’s something you’ve never considered before. If you have thought about it for a while, though, and you are certain it will make you more confident, there is no harm in booking a consultation.