How to Prepare for a Family Camping Trip


Escaping into nature is great for your physical and mental health, and its even better if you can do this while spending some quality time with your family. When you next feel as though you could do with a break from a hectic lifestyle, or simply feel like your family could use some time reconnecting with one another, planning a family camping trip could be just what the doctor ordered. If you and your loved ones are thinking of organizing a trip to the countryside anytime soon, here are a few tips to help you make it the best experience possible.

The Right Destination

Of course, a camping trip is all about getting out into nature, but be mindful about the destination you pick for your stay. You need to think about the requirements of everyone coming on the trip, so finding a suitable campsite that has safe play areas for young children, good hiking trails for the explorers in your group, or even an on-site restaurant for evenings when you dont want to cook are all things worth considering. Although camping might be about getting away from the usual home comforts, having a few things close by is always a bonus in case you want or need them.

Pack a First Aid Kit

Always make sure you bring a first aid kit with you on a camping trip (or any holiday). The campsite youre staying at should have something like this at hand anyway, but in case youre camping somewhere off the grid, you must have basic first aid with you. Even if you are staying at a campsite, its better to have your kit in case they are running low on supplies. You can get first aid supplies online or at your local drugstore.

Hiking Gear

If youre planning to enjoy days spent out on hiking trails during your trip, invest in some quality hiking gear for the occasion. Its always better to have comfortable shoes and clothing that have been designed for this activity, especially if youre taking on more challenging trails. You should also make sure youre taking maps of the area, a compass, energy bars, plenty of water, and perhaps even investing in a hand-held GPS in case you get lost. Dont forget to pack plenty of waterproof clothes, too!


Both kids and adults can get bored, and even if youre enjoying the peace of the countryside its always a good idea to bring some kind of entertainment along with you to keep everyone happy. Board games are family-friendly forms of entertainment, or you can bring a deck of cards with you for something more portable. Bringing a few books to get lost in is another good idea, or if youre choosing to stay in an RV rather than a tent, maybe even bringing a laptop to watch some movies on rainy days is worth it?

Extra Blankets

Speaking of rainy days, bringing some extra blankets or sleeping bags with you is important in case the weather turns cooler during your trip. Its also handy to have some spares in case anything gets spilled on your blankets or they get dirty. At the very least, bringing spare blankets and pillows will help you to make your tent or RV incredibly cozy and comfortable - you could even try to make a blanket fort together with your fellow vacationers.

Sleeping Cots or Camping Mattresses

If you are going to camp in a tent, its worth investing in a sleeping cot or camping mattress. Youre never going to find perfectly flat ground, which makes for an uncomfortable nights sleep most of the time. Taking along a cot or mattress will make staying in a tent much more pleasant and will help you and your family rest properly throughout the night.


Dont forget to pack enough fuel for your camping stove, particularly if your campsite isnt close to any restaurants or a store where you can get more fuel. Theres nothing worse than coming back hungry from a long hike and not being able to cook yourself some dinner! To save yourself from starving in the woods, triple check you have packed enough fuel (and some extra) before you set off on your trip.

Spare Batteries

Finally, always remember to take spare batteries with you on a camping trip. You will be using flashlights as the sky grows dark, either when youre making your way back to the campsite from a trail or when youre searching for something in your tent at night. The last thing you want to happen is for your flashlight to die on you and be stuck in the dark until sunrise.

Camping trips can be a lot of fun and a great way to spend quality time with your family. Make sure youve packed all of the above to get the most out of your camping trip.