5 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Clothes


If you’ve reached the point where most of the clothes stuffed into your wardrobe or rammed into your drawers don’t get worn, then it’s time to do something about it.

Having a less cluttered space is well known to improve your wellbeing. Not only that, but you don’t actually have to get rid of the pieces of clothing that you really like. You can simply repurpose them and give them a new lease on life.

Sweater dress

A lot of us are probably going to be getting sweaters for Christmas this year. A sweater is a lovely, thoughtful gift because we are being told that the gift giver wants us to be cozy and warm!

The only problem is when someone gives you a sweater that you just don’t like all that much.

All you need to do is get yourself a couple of sweaters that you don’t like and use them to make yourself the comfiest dress in the history of dresses.

This works really well if you have a sweater with a nice shape on the top half and a baggier and more shapeless sweater on the bottom.

Sweater cushion

If you have a sweater where you love the pattern, but you’re not such a fan of the shape, you can give it a whole new lease on life as a cushion. A sweater cushion will add a depth of texture to your room that will instantly make it feel warm and cozy.

To make a cushion out of a sweater, you first need to separate the front and back of it by cutting along the seam. You then create your cushion shape out of the parts of the jumper, being sure to sew back along the edges to stop any unraveling. Sew your cushion together, add a cushion pad, and there you go!

If you have a jumper or cardigan with a button detail, be sure to make the most of this and use it as a pattern for the front of your cushion.

T-shirt blanket

If you have a collection of old t-shirts with logos or band names on them that you no longer wear but can’t bear to get rid of, think about turning them into a blanket.

A t-shirt blanket means that you can keep all of your beloved shirts and free up closet space in the bargain. If you aren’t great with a needle, you can even get someone else to do the work for you. The team at myt-shirtblanket.com will take your shirts, create an awesome looking design, and make the blanket for you.

Headband out of an old shirt

If you have old shirts that are quite worn, they can easily be turned into a headband. Headbands are a wonderful way of making messy hair look deliberately styled.

You can also use headbands to pull an outfit together or give it a fifties look.

Pillows from old jeans

Worn jeans can make great looking pillows, particularly if your room has a ‘beach’ type aesthetic. As with the sweater cushion, you can create pillows from old jeans by cutting them into panels, which you then sew back together in the shape that you want.