Creating Functional Rooms with Minimal Space


One of the biggest problems when decorating is the lack of space. If there isn't adequate space, especially in our bedroom space, we feel that there are limited options for our designs to come to life. Functionality is a way of taking into account what is practical and necessary, as well as what is attractive when decorating the environment. In a bedroom space, it's important to encapsulate storage, style and comfort. 

Every so often we are adding more things to our clothing needs such as shoes and clothes, and that takes up space that reduces what the bedroom originally had. For the bedroom to be functional, order must prevail, and order is linked to the use of drawers and cabinets that allow everything to be stored and to keep everything in its place. This saves time and expands space

Saving space saves time and effort

Having a nightstand in the bedroom is essential. However, when the room is small, having one would mean reducing the space of the environment and at the same time giving it an ornate look. Therefore, instead of having a conventional nightstand, you can choose to purchase one that can be recessed into the wall. With this, you will not only have free space under the nightstand, which will give the room a more spacious appearance, but you can also use that space to store objects. To keep your belongings more organized, this type of modular furniture can be of great help. Depending on your needs, you can change the height of the shelves to adapt to the dimensions of the furniture. 

A multi functional option would be to use a small closet as a bedside table, the kind that is used to store shoes since they would fulfill not only the function of a table but also storage space. If you find an aluminum closet, school locker style, it will give it a fairly modern industrial style. Look at for further inspiration. 

Up in the Air

When it comes to small rooms, it is important to use the air spaces. One option is to take advantage of the space that is over the head of your bed. In addition to using it to place shelves, you can do it to install lights that fall on your headboard and serve as lamps. This will give your bedroom a very interesting look and provide lighting. If you take this option, make sure that the lights do not collide with your head when you sit down and that they are the ones that do not get hot, as they will give you a lot of heat and could cause accidents. Corners tend to be wasted and unaesthetic space, don't let this happen in your room. You can take advantage of the corner to install a beautiful shelf where you can display paintings, photos or flower arrangements. In this way, this corner will not look empty and will allow you to add a little more charm to your bedroom.

It's time to take advantage of your space, no matter what the size is.