DIY Home Projects the Entire Family Can Enjoy

If you want to give your home a refresh, but don’t want to do it alone, there are plenty of ways to get the whole family involved. Home projects don’t have to be a hassle, and can instead be fun opportunities to bond with your loved ones. Here are a few DIY home projects the entire family can enjoy:

Paint the Walls
If you feel as though your walls are dark and dreary, recruit your family to help give them a fresh coat of paint. To make the project kid-friendly, prepare your home by laying down tarps and line the walls with painters tape to ensure quick and easy cleanup. 

If you want the kids to be even more involved, have them choose your paint colors can be fun and help the entire family envision the new space together.

While the adults complete the more challenging aspects of painting, such as cutting edges and the detail work, have the little ones practice their letters while they paint. Painting the walls can be a fun activity for everyone while giving your home a new look. 

Revamp the Mailbox
An easy craft project that everyone can participate in is revamping the mailbox. If yours is old, rusty, or could use a little TLC, this is a fun activity that can also boost your homes curb appeal. 

Before jumping right in, grab some soap and water, and wash the mailbox to remove all the debris. Then, let the kids have free reign over the design, making it personal to you and your family. Lay down some newspaper, grab a paintbrush and paint that can withstand any weather conditions, and let the magic happen. 

To go the extra mile, pick out fresh flowers, pavers, and numbers to give your mailbox a unique look, like these here. 

Renovate the Kitchen 
There are a couple of ways you can revamp your kitchen all while having fun with your family. If you’re looking to overhaul your kitchen, assess the average cost to remodel a kitchen. This is an excellent opportunity to decide what upgrades you want for your living space and can be a fun opportunity to practice numbers with the kids. 

While there may be some aspects of a renovation that are more suitable for the pros, there are some projects you can still complete with your loved ones. Just like the walls, painting the cabinets and hardware can be a fun activity for the kids to tap into their creative side. A new color on the cabinets will give your kitchen a fresh and modern feel without having to buy brand new ones. 

Don’t feel as though all home improvement projects are too hard to involve your kids. Picking out backsplash can be a great way to design your living space together and allow the kids to feel included. Once you’ve picked it out, the kids can help hold and place the backsplash, allowing them to be involved in the entire process. 

You can make your kitchen walls kid-friendly by adding chalkboard paint to one wall. You and your family can use this space to write down recipes, grocery lists, leave notes for each other, or as a fun spot for the kids to play while you cook. 

Plant a Garden
Gardens are lovely outside, they provide curb appeal and can make a space more relaxing. They can also be a great addition to your interior decor. There are plenty of ways to incorporate greenery indoors. A vertical succulent garden can be fun to put together as a family. Once you finish creating the garden, you’ll have a living wall in your home that the kids can help care for and water daily. 

Kids enjoy playing in dirt, why not create a way for them to do so inside, without all the mess? Container gardens are fun projects for the kids. They are quick and easy projects that also can add to the decor of a room. Just let them choose their favorite plants—even fruits and vegetables— and they’ll look forward to watching them grow each day.

Clean & Organize
In most cases, cleaning and organizing are chores unrelated to anything fun. Implement fun ways to involve the kids, and you will have an extra set of hands to help around the house.

Put on your favorite songs to sing together and show them how to dust to the beat, that way they can help dust off end tables and other areas low to the ground. You can also transform cleaning into a game. Try a ten-second tidy to see how fast they can put things away, or see how many toys can fit into one cubby. Not only does this help instill good practices that will benefit your kids throughout their lives, but you receive extra support, all while having some fun. 

Whether you decide to do one, or all of these projects, you and your family will have fun and be able to enjoy the finished results together.