Add a Cordinate Extension Cord to make your room complete

This post is sponsored by Jasco Brands, but all opinions are my own. 

We recently just moved into our new home 3 months ago. Everything is mostly done except odds and ends like decorating and adding finishing touches to the rooms. We all have an abundance of electronics and what goes with those, lots and lots of wires and chargers. 

My daughter has wires everywhere in her room. It drives me crazy! They are on the dresser, on the bed, floor. Well, I must admit I am the same way on my nightstand in my bedroom. 

She has been using the plug behind her dresser to plug-in all her electronics. She is always in need of charging a device and has to constantly pull out chargers from behind her dresser, which makes more of a mess in the room. I am guilty of the same. Technology today is all about gadgets and chargers lol, aren't we all charging daily?      

The colors in her room are rose gold, pinks and beige. She decorated her room so ravishing, but the one corner of clutter are those wires. Well I have found the best solution and I am elated. First let me show you the disaster corner. 

I transformed this into a nice neat corner space with Jasco Cordinate Decor Extension Cords. The Jasco Cordinate Extensions cords are extension cords that come in trendy colors with outlets and/or USB ports. Depending on your needs you can find exactly what you are looking for. 

Braided Décor Fabric Cord, 10 ft, 2.4A USB Charging Ports, with Tamper Resistant Safety Outlets

She has a cord with two outlets and 2 USB ports. Perfect to work on her laptop and to charge her phone and watch at the same time. The pink fabric woven cord looks so nice and matches her room decor. It also makes it so much easier to take out the chargers and to take with her. She doesn't need to go behind furniture to plug and unplug her devices. What do you think? Doesn't it make the room look so attractive instead of those dingy looking cords? Love the look! 

Next, moving on to my nightstand

I have my watches, Alexa and my cell phone that all charge during the night. Yes I know my nightstand is a mess with those ugly cords. I took some time out to figure out how I can get rid of all those cords and make my nightstand look gratifying. I picked out a Cordinate 3 outlet extension cord in the color gray, that is the same color as my nightstand. 

I absolutely love the way I reorganized my nightstand with the gray extension cord from Cordinate. Not only does it look glorious, you no longer see all those eye-catching wires, my nightstand looks so neat. 

I have to say these cords are heavy duty, made to last and look fabulous even better when you are seeing them in person. They also serve as a surge protector which is most important. 

If you have a lot of wires on your desk and need to organize them this is the perfect solution. Check out all the colors and styles they have to offer. This would be perfect for dorms when space is limited. Not only have all your charges in one spot but pick out a color that best suits your interior design. 

Coordinate decor extension cords are available at these retailers

Turn your space into your own with these amazing Cordinate cords!