How to Successfully Manage a Divorce

Divorces can be ugly. They can also be amicable. Divorcing without kids is obviously easier, but regardless of what your family situation is like, it can get messy unless you are careful. A clean break is best for your sake and for your relationship. It will take a long time to completely untangle your lives. You will have mutual friends, mutual habits, and so on, and if you have kids, you will never truly see the last of each other, no matter how much you wish for it.

That is why it is important to go into a divorce with as level head as possible. To help, you will want to follow this guide.

Areas a Divorce Will Need to Focus On

First things first, it’s important to know the three pillars of divorce. These are the areas that you are going to have to negotiate and knowing them beforehand can help keep any surprises from appearing during your divorce:

1.    Division of Assets

Financials, assets like cars, homes, furniture, and the like, and of course, investments must all be divided. Unless there is a prenup, a fair split of assets can take time to deduce, and it’s rarely right down the middle. One party might agree to take the house in exchange for the investments, for example. Someone might want the car over the furniture. It’s important for this process to be calm so that a fair resolution can be found.

2.    Child Custody and Visitation Rights

If you have children, then custody and visitation rights will need to be agreed upon. If you can both work together and co-parent, this will go by much easier, but if the reason for the divorce affects one party’s ability to take care of themselves or the children, it can get messy.

3.    Alimony and Child Support

Alimony and child support will also have to be agreed upon. This could be a joint account you pay into that you both can use to provide for the kids, or it could be a monthly amount paid to one party.
These areas can touch on nerves and make an amicable divorce into a messy one very quickly. That is why you need divorce attorneys from Charleston Law to help mediate the divorce and provide both parties with a settlement agreement they both agree with. 

Tips to Successfully Managing a Divorce

To successfully manage a divorce, you will want to:

·         Try to Decide with a Level Head
·         Immediately hire a Lawyer to Mediate
·         Attend Conflict Resolution Counselling

Conflict resolution counseling can be very healthy for your relationship, as it will give you the tools to help communicate and come to an understanding. It’s useful for negotiating with a level head, and essential if you are co-parenting your children.

Tips for Divorcing with Kids

It’s important to be partners when parenting your children. Don’t sugar coat it, be honest with them. If they see you get along, they’ll want you back together if you aren’t clear that you work better separated than apart.
If you fight, then go to counseling together so that you can work through the hurt and pain from your marriage and parent together in peace. Consider your relationship like a working relationship, with your job be to raise your children in a loving, stable home.