The Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf


The annual war against relentless weeds and the constant need to tend to a garden isn't the life for everyone. Luckily, artificial grass can mitigate this effort by making your life easier. Synthetic turf is typically used at sports venues, becoming largely popular in areas that suffer drought spells through the summer. As well as saving you time, there are other benefits of opting for artificial turf in your garden. Throughout this article, we will outline the pros and cons of using artificial turf in your garden.


Goodbye Allergy Season

During the spring and summer months, traditional grass grows and releases pollen into the air. For people who suffer from hay fever allergies, this can be a tiring time of year. Fortunately, artificial grass like that supplied through Syntech Turf can help wave goodbye to allergy season at home. Thanks to artificial turf, hay fever sufferers can enjoy their yard throughout the entire year.

Safety for Families

Traditional grass becomes uneven as time goes by, which can be quite painful when children, pets, or adults trip over while playing. When you opt to use artificial grass, you will benefit from a yard that is consistently smooth. As well as being smooth at all times, technology in artificial turf can provide added protection for falls from up to five feet off the ground.

Water Conserving

In states like California, which are susceptible to droughts, there are annual demands to cut water usage. Simply by adding artificial turf to your yard, you will drastically decrease your water usage. While traditional yards around you turn brown during droughts, your house will stand out with an incredible curbside appeal. As well as keeping your yard’s aesthetic, you will be helping the environment through water conservation.


Melting Risks

During the summer months, artificial turf can store much more heat than traditional grass. This means that if you walk in your yard barefooted, you may want to reconsider. As well as holding more heat, your artificial turf may begin to melt under intense reflective sun or accidental hot coal dropping. If you are having a BBQ, ensure you keep it as far away from your turf as possible.

Built-Up Odors

When you don’t keep your yard clean, you will be faced with strong odors regardless of the type of lawn you have. However, certain types of infill used for artificial turf can hold odors more than others. For example, if you have a pet and decide to use silica sand infill, you will notice that it clings to your pet’s odors.

Garden maintenance isn’t for everyone, but it’s essential to keep a desired aesthetic. Luckily, artificial turf is a practical alternative that gets people through the summer months with ease. Hay fever sufferers can enjoy their gardens without needing to worry about the pollen count. Children can play outside without the worry of fall pain. Households can save considerably on their water bill because they don’t need to water the lawn through drought periods. Say yes to artificial turf and say yes to a simple summer.