10-Step To-Do List for SMEs (Boost Your Success!)



Being the owner of an SME can be quite challenging, despite all the excitement that comes with it.

This is particularly true when you’re operating in monopolized industries that are controlled and dictated by giant brand names. Effectively, this puts a cap on SMEs, leaving them with a limited market share to work with.

However, by following this 10-step to-do list perfect for SMEs, you’ll boost your chances of growth and success!

1.   Ensure you’re safe online and offline

The first step of this to-do list, is security.

Sure, it’s not the most exciting topic – but it’s beyond essential that you have excellent security measures in place. This way, your SME will be protected from potential threats and the consequences that come with them, such as financial and reputational damage.

Here are some safety tips:

·         Get first-aid supplies from MFASCO to keep you and your team safe in case of emergency

·         Install cyber-security measures to keep your digital files secure

·         Efficiently vet employee candidates

·         Employ a housekeeper

Remember, always put safety first.

2.   Create an excellent employee digital handbook

Most companies provide new employees with employee handbooks. Employee handbooks should include everything from health and safety policies to information regarding holidays. Your guide should be available in user-friendly digital form, enabling employees to quickly understand your company and its internal culture and operations.

3.   Develop a modern website

Without any in-house IT, or web design specialists, developing a modern website for your SME is going to be near impossible. Therefore, you need to scout web design companies (within your budget) to who you can outsource the job.

4.   Launch an online store

An online store should be one of – if not the – main feature of your website. For many companies, their revenue stream comes directly from their online store, as it generates the most sales.

5.   Establish respectable follower numbers on social media platforms

For your social media posts to have any sort of impact, you need to have respectable follower numbers (as an SME, you should have a couple of hundred followers at the minimum). You can grow your followers organically, such as by posting interesting content, or you can pay for ads that will ultimately drive more customers to engage with your pages.

6.   Publish your brand kit

Every SME needs a brand kit.

7.   Get help from 3rd party companies

As mentioned above, you can outsource web design to another company. However, you can also outsource various other tasks to 3rd party companies, such as marketing and customer service. You should carefully analyze your business to understand which areas you’re weakest in.

Let’s say your social media marketing campaigns are constantly flopping, receiving little to no engagement from users. A great way to fix this would be to outsource your marketing to a company that specializes in social media marketing.

8.   Build your team’s bond

The internal bonds of your SME are vital for a positive working environment and productive work. You can build your team bond in many ways, such as rewards for good progress and team-building exercises.

9.   Carefully design a winning sales formula

Your sales team needs to have a winning sales formula. From the equipment they use during their pitches to the style of their presentations, everything should be carefully planned and practiced.

10.  Have a contingency plan in place - just in case you need it

The world’s recent events have only highlighted the fact that every SME needs a contingency plan.