The Importance of Parental Controls on Home Computers

Keeping your children safe online is a, of course, a top priority when they reach an appropriate age to use the internet independently. 

Fortunately, it is not difficult to understand how to use the parental control functions that will be offered by your internet service provider. 

What Are Parental Controls?

The purpose of parental controls is essentially to keep your children safe online, but they can also help with how much screen time the children are permitted each day. 

These are controls that you can implement on all of the computers on your home network so that everyone in the house has the same experience online. You will be able to provide the adults in the house with a higher level of access so that they can override the limits of these controls when necessary. 

Parental controls are most commonly used to:

  • Block certain websites

  • Block certain types of content

  • Impose time limits on internet use

  • Observe online behavior

  • Track your child’s physical location

Understanding IT Services and Solutions

Whether you want to fully understand how to operate a safe and functional home network or embrace IT services for business purposes, professional guidance can be very helpful. 

For business operations, choosing a reputable IT service can be a brilliant choice for obtaining any extra support that you require. On the other hand, when it comes to getting help for parental controls on your home network, you will likely find that your internet service provider is happy to help.

This is a concept that you can explore yourself through the various tools available to you, or you can contact the relevant customer service department directly to talk about it. 

Why Are Parental Controls Important?

Having no control over what your children are doing or seeing online can be very concerning. Although the internet is a fantastic educational resource for kids of all ages, it is also a place full of age-sensitive content that you will naturally not want your children to find. 

There are also, unfortunately, certain people online that you will not want your children to come into contact with. When you have a good level of control over what your kids can and cannot do online, then you can have the peace of mind that your young ones are safe.

Do Not Forget About In-App Purchases

One aspect of parental internet controls that is often forgotten about is disabling the ability to make in-app purchases.

If your children play free games online through apps, then there is generally the option to make purchases within these apps with real money. If your bank card is connected to the device for any reason, then your child might be able to use it to buy items within their games.

Assessing your parental controls will allow you to disable this feature and prevent your kids from accidentally or deliberately spending money on these games. If your child does want to make a purchase, but the function is disabled, then they can ask you about it first, and you can make a decision each time.