Dogs Days: Wonderful Treats for Your Canine Companion


You love your dog. Who wouldn’t? It’s your rock in hard times and your source of joy and unrestrained affection in the good times. And it’s ruthlessly loyal, by your side whatever life throws at the two of you. Given all of this, it’s natural that you’ll sometimes want to go above and beyond to give your pooch the treat of a lifetime – something that’ll have that tail wagging all day long. Here are some ideas for what you can do to create those wonderful moments.

The Beach

Dogs are pretty darned excited by the beach, and you can understand why. On one side of it is an endless sea to splash in, and in the middle of it is a huge place to dash around. There are a load of other dogs to socialize with too. And there’s just so much going on – so many smells, so many people, so much to excite and amuse. A day at the beach is close to a dog’s dream of social and sensory stimulation and something you’ll always be able to treat your dog to if you fancy some time away from home.

Long Runs

In the middle of their lives, dogs are incredibly fit. They’re animals that are descended from wolves, which had gigantic territories and would regularly cover thousands of miles a month. So when they’re fit and healthy, dogs are always going to be keen to run with you. Get on your bike, or lace up your running trainers, and give yourselves a wholesome treat – running or cycling through nature together without a care in the world. You’ll know just how happy you’ve made your dog by how they sleep that night – like a very satisfied log.

A Banquet

Okay, this one’s something you see from time to time for doggy birthdays. Instead of the same old dog food slopped out of an upturned tin can, you could go all-out to give them the most sumptuous – but still canine-friendly – feast. Here, you’ll do well to find a dog food supplier on, where you can select the courses for your special pooch’s platter. Or, even better, you could look up dog food recipes online and cook for your dog yourself. Your dog may wolf down the food you make in a couple of seconds – but that’s still a five-star review, as far as canine credits go.


Dogs are social creatures. And while you might want to keep that social energy to yourself, you’ll know deep down that you ought to expose your pooch to the dogs of friends and family on a regular basis so that they can form playful friendships throughout their lives. So if you do fancy making your dog happy, giving them everything they want in the course of a day, you should simply go to hang out with a friend’s dog that your dog has met before. They’ll hop, play and dash around while you can spend some time catching up with your human friend.

Canine treats don’t have to be expensive or exceptional – they just need to cater to a dog’s deepest needs. And the four suggestions above do just that.