What To Do If You Think Your Friend Has Anorexia



Watching a close friend struggle with things like stress or major life changes can be difficult. You want to be there for them as part of their support system, but oftentimes it can be difficult to know just how to help.

Furthermore, when such struggles are compounded by the onset of a mental health condition, such as anorexia, you could be wondering just what you, as their close friend, should be doing to help.

Anorexia is a complex disorder that leads one to inflict harm upon themselves by depriving their body of nutrients and nutrition. In many cases, anorexia develops as the result of a warped sense of self from a physical standpoint where the sufferer thinks that they need to look a certain way no matter the cost.

Other times, anorexia stems from the desire to have complete control over some aspect of daily life. By withholding food, a person suffering from anorexia might be trying to take back some sense of power over their own life.

As a friend, you want to make sure that the person you care about is taking care of themselves. That is why you should waste no time in trying to get them the help they need if you think that a condition like anorexia is at play.

If you do suspect that your friend is suffering from anorexia, here are a few things that you can do to help.

Encourage Them to Seek Help

First and foremost, if you notice that your friend is exhibiting signs of an eating disorder, it is important that you recognize that the nature of this condition is such that it requires the assistance of mental health professionals to overcome. It is not a matter of simply stopping and eating normally again.

Rather, there is so much that could be behind the development of this condition that it is always best to encourage your friend to seek professional help. There are trained professionals who can help your friend to overcome this condition and manage all of the other mental health-related matters that might be behind it.

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Be Supportive

Many people who suffer from anorexia and other eating disorders work very hard to conceal their condition from their close friends and family. One of the reasons for doing so stems from the fear of being judged or called out for their actions.

Because of this, one of the best things you can do from your friend is to be supportive. Once you recognize that such a condition exists, you should do your best to avoid judging them for their actions and instead offer them the help and encouragement that they need to get better.

It can be difficult to approach such a topic with a friend, but the sooner you let them know that you are on their side, the sooner you can encourage them to get the help they need.