Assisted Living Communities: The Basics


Assisted living communities are just one of the kinds of residential living options that you may look into as you age and plan for the future. There are many amenities and services that they offer to help create a safe, engaging, and secure community where you can maintain your independence, receive a high level of support, and participate in many activities and events. Here are just a couple of the basics about assisted living communities, who they are for, and why you might choose them.

What is a senior living community?

Senior living communities can take several different forms. The term is a general name for the different kinds of residential options available to elderly residents who can no longer live independently. They include assisted living, independent living, and memory care, among others. Common features of senior living communities include fitness centers and gyms, salons, restaurant-style dining areas, organized transport, common areas, and lively social calendars. With an estimated 47 million seniors in the USA alone, senior living communities are a very common residential option for many members of the population.

Who are they for?

As you age, it may be harder to perform certain daily tasks. You may need help with them or prompting to remember to complete them. This is when senior living options such as assisted living come in. Your physician or adult care worker will be able to assess you using a variety of factors, such as your physical and mental health and how many of these tasks you can complete. The tasks are called the Activities of Daily Living and the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and can be used to work out how much care and support you may need, and therefore what kind of senior living community would best suit you.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living communities have a large emphasis on being a safe and secure place to live, with many social and enriching activities. Residents often have private rooms in resort-like accommodation and restaurant-style dining with great menus. Activities such as fitness classes, cooking demonstrations, and art classes encourage expression and engagement. There are many different factors involved in choosing an assisted living facility. For example, residents at Brightview Bethesda, MD assisted living, say that one of the biggest factors in choosing an assisted living facility is the overall community feel and connection to other residents.

Daily tasks such as laundry, housekeeping, and medication management are assisted by a dedicated team, and the services are personalized to fit the resident, their requirements, and level of independence. Assisted living may also be the next option when at-home care is no longer viable. Many people choose to care for their loved ones at home, either themselves or with an in-home caregiver. However, there may be a point at which an individual needs further support than can be offered at home, and senior living communities are the next step.