Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything


It can sometimes feel like you always need to buy a gift for somebody. Birthdays seem to come round way more than just once a year! If you’ve got to buy a gift for someone and you have no idea what to get them, consult this helpful list and give them something they never knew they needed.

A New Experience

Buying a voucher for a new experience is a great gift to give someone who has everything. Whether it’s a foraging expedition, a camping trip, or a meal at a fancy restaurant, giving something to do rather than something to use is an easy way to give the gift of a good time.

A New Skill

Alternatively, buy them a voucher for a class of some kind: If they don’t know how to cook, get them cooking lessons; if they want to learn a language, buy them some classes. Another option is an art class or a class that teaches a specific craft. There are so many choices out there!

The Gift of Music

If you’re a budding songster, why not write them a song? It could be a sweet and thoughtful gift or something full of inside jokes to crack them up. It’s a personal gift that could go a long way.

Beautiful Plants

Everyone loves plants. There has been a surge in the popularity of houseplants, and it’s a great way to brighten up an indoor space. They’ve also been reported to have air-purifying qualities, so you’ll be getting a gift for everyone who lives with them too!

CBD Products

CBD’s popularity has also seen a recent increase, so a CBD product could make for an innovative gift. CBD is ideal for anyone who struggles to sleep or suffers from mental health problems like anxiety or depression, and it may also relieve chronic pain. Take a look at Herbal Health CBD Products to see what options are out there.


Books are always a super gift. You could agree to buy each other a new book every year, and both read it to start a new tradition, or why not opt for some interesting nonfiction to open your friend or family member’s mind to new ideas? The possibilities are endless when it comes to book-related gifts.

Board Games

Buy someone a board game and agree to play it with them. It’s a fantastic option for a gift if you’re attending a party, as you could play it straight away! There are so many new board games on the market that it’s easy to find something to suit anyone.

Make them Dinner

Cooking somebody a meal is a thoughtful and personal gift that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Make them their favorite food and sit down to eat it with them. It’s a good way to catch up and spend time together, too.

Donate Money in Their Name

If you can’t think of anything to give to someone, you could always make a charitable donation in their name. You can “adopt” an animal or sponsor a child in need. You’ll be doing something good and giving a thoughtful gift, so it’s the best of both worlds.

When looking for a gift for the person who has everything, there might be more creative options than you think!