How to Keep Your Home Looking Stylish as a Pet Owner


Life as a pet owner can be full of love and extremely rewarding, but the fact that our pets can bring stress and havoc into our lives is no secret. When it comes to destruction and mess, the interior of our homes tends to suffer the most. From climbing and scratching the furniture, to chewing on door frames and table legs, even the best-trained pets won’t understand the value of your home. You may face the occasional accident too. However, no one deserves to live in a home they aren’t proud of. To help you create a pet-approved habitat and keep it looking stylish, here are some tips to follow.

Get a Helping Hand

You shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help when trying to design your home. Just because you share your space with your pet, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style and luxury. Having a consultation with an interior designer from Nativa Interiors luxury interior design will ensure you are making the right decisions. Services like these can help with furniture installation too.

Pick Your Materials Wisely

Even though certain materials like suede and velvet are fashionable and look good, they aren’t always a practical option if you have a pet. Going for leather is a better option and this material can age really well too. As well as looking better with a bit of wear and tear, leather furniture is very easy to clean and it doesn’t collect pet hair. There’s a wide variety of luxurious leather furniture out there.

Choose Practical Colors

Choosing the right color furniture and accessories is important when it comes to maintaining the appearance of your pet-friendly home. Darker colors are great for hiding accidental spillages and muddy pawprints; however, they are also guilty for highlighting stray pet hair. To keep your home looking bright and stylish, you should go for multi-colored or pattered items and bright fun shades.

Prepare for Pet Hair

Being prepared for pet hair will allow you to keep your home looking clean and tidy. Having a good-quality and easily accessible vacuum will make it easy to remove loose hair. If you own a pet that does not shed, it is still important to be prepared for a mess, because they can drag in dirt on their paws or knock over items that can cause a mess. You should also regularly clean your carpets professionally.

Designer Pet Beds

Getting a designer pet bed for your furry friend will add some style and luxury to their lives and your home. There are a wide variety of design-friendly pet items for our companions out there, some of which can positively improve the appearance of your home. You just need to know where to look. Examples of items include fancy raised dog bowls and stands, fashionable accessories, and toy boxes.

Owning a pet does not mean that you don’t deserve to live in the home you have always dreamed of. You will need to design everything with them in mind, but this can add some personality and variety to your taste and your home’s appearance.