How to prevent and treat back pain


Back pain can cause all sorts of problems. More often than not however, back pain is completely unnecessary as there are so many ways to prevent it. A lot of it comes down to posture, but there are other things that can impact the health of your back that you might not have thought of.

Preventing back pain

These are just a few ways you can prevent back pain:

Choose the right footwear

Yep, you might think keeping fit and exercising regularly would help keep your posture in check, but without the right footwear, you could be doing more damage. Unsurprisingly wearing high heels for work, or ballet pumps and flip flops at the weekend can quickly lead to back pain and put pressure on the spine. Find shoes which fully support your foot. 

Running shoes are often seen as ideal for keeping your pressure balanced throughout the body while you exercise. But are you using your trainers for too long? If you are an avid runner, you can quickly wear away the shock absorption and support without realizing, so it is important to make sure you’re regularly upgrading your kit.

Opt for a backpack

It is easy to over-stuff a handbag or wear your laptop case slouched over your shoulder, but this can wreak havoc with your posture. Wearing a bag on your prominent shoulder will add additional stress to one side, which over time will change your spine structure to accommodate. Where possible, use a backpack and wear both straps. This will keep weight balanced across both sides of the body.

Upgrade your workstation

After a year of working from home in less-than-ideal conditions, it might be time to upgrade your workstation. We are prone to slouching or craning our necks while we work, so making small adjustments can save you from serious back pain.

Make sure your screen is at eye level, and everything you need is within comfortable reach. It is also worth investing in a back support like the HusbandPillow which will encourage you to sit back while at your desk and also provide amazing comfort.

Change your driving habits

It might feel easier to just jump in the car and get driving, but you can easily cause a buildup in tension and suffer with back pain in the long term. Before every long journey, take care to adjust the seat to your personal comfort.

Regular breaks are not only for using the restroom or avoiding falling asleep at the wheel, either. When you visit a service station, be sure to get out and stretch to release tension before getting back in.

Treatments for back pain

If you are suffering from light back pain, a course of store-bought anti-inflammatories should help. It is also worth incorporating Pilates and other back stretches into your weekly workout to prevent the pain persisting.

For more chronic pain, you should consult your GP or visit a physiotherapist who can check if there are other underlying issues. Alternatively, book yourself in for a pamper and massage to relieve all the knots and stress build up. Who said treatment had to be unenjoyable?