How to Improve Your Personal Communication



Communication helps make the world go round, and it is something we have to deal with every day. It is not always easy to get your communication right, though, and sometimes it leaves your tongue twisted and wondering what to say.

However, good communication does not have to be hard, and there are some small steps you can take to make it that bit easier.


When we think of communication, we think of talking, but this neglects the importance of listening. You cannot communicate successfully unless you are ready to listen.

For many people, the first step in improving communication is becoming a more active listener. When you do this, your personal communications will become that bit easier.

Audience Matters

Different people communicate in different ways, so who you are talking to makes a difference. You need to adapt your communication depending on who you are talking with, and this is an art that can take some practice.

The more time you spend with someone, the easier it becomes to understand how to communicate with them, but if you are actively engaging in the process, then it will come more quickly.

The better you get at tailoring your communication to suit the individual you are talking to, the more successful you are likely to be at getting your message across.

Different Mediums – Different Styles

We have many different ways of communicating in the modern world, and each has its own unique communication style. For instance, you will talk very differently through a messaging app to how you would on a Zoom call.

A big part of personal communication is understanding how best to communicate through the medium you are using. With so many different communication methods, this is not always easy, but it is something you need to be able to adapt to.

Choosing the wrong style for your medium can damage your communication before you even begin, so think about the channel that you are using.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to communication. We will each have our own way of doing things, and this is one of the great things about human communications: it is personal (or at least it should be).

Do not be afraid to personalize your communications and add your own touches to them. Little things like your own personal email signature from can make a difference in how your communications are received, so it is important to look at the small details.

Brief Yet Specific

People lead busy lives, so they need you to get to the point. However, at the same time, you must include the most important details in your communications. This means you have got to find an important balance between brief and specific, and again this is not always easy.

If you are clear about what you want to achieve and the key details of what you are trying to say before you begin, this will be much easier.