Four Home Renovation Tasks You Can DIY


The idea of living in a perfect home is a dream for many people, and one way of achieving this is by carrying out renovations on your property. However, extensive home renovations can quickly become very expensive, sometimes running into thousands of dollars. One way to keep costs down, especially if you are sticking to a strict budget, is to do as much renovation work as you can by yourself.

While there are certain tasks that you should always hire a professional for to ensure the highest safety and quality, there are plenty of others that you can easily do with a bit of DIY knowledge. Here are four home renovations tasks that you can DIY.

1.   Assembling and customizing furniture

Thanks to the innovation of flat pack furniture, it is now entirely possible for you to buy and assemble an entire new set of furniture such as cabinets and wardrobes all on the same day. Bear in mind, however, that you will need a few tools to hand to achieve this, such as a hammer and screwdriver at the very least.

You can also easily customize your flat pack furniture to suit your style and home décor without the fear that you are ruining a priceless piece of antique furniture. You could, for instance, paint your chest of drawers a vibrant color, or even go one step further and insert your own handles.

2.   Paint your walls

Perhaps one of the easiest DIY home renovation tasks is to paint your walls – simply buy paint in a color that you like, along with a paint brush, and get painting! If you find the look of plain walls in a single block color a bit too bland, you could even use wall painting stencils to add a hand painted design. Bear in mind, however, that you might have to carry out a few preparatory tasks before getting down to the fun of painting, such as stripping wallpaper, painting an initial base coat in a neutral color, and trying out a few different paint colors to find one that you like.

3.   Sewing your own curtains

If you are particularly handy with the sewing machine, you could have a go at making your own curtains. Doing this gives you the flexibility of choosing your own fabric rather than being restricted to the fabric designs on offer at a shop. It also ensures that your curtain will fit the dimensions of your window and room. Choose a robust curtain fabric for insulation and warmth or go for a lighter cotton muslin for privacy and shade. You could even use fabric remnants to sew matching cushions.

4.   Install ceiling lights

Glamorous ceiling lights, such as chandeliers, add an eye-catching focal point to your room. It is possible for you to install ceiling lights yourself; however, ensure that you are completely confident with installing electrical items as this could potentially be hazardous. If you are in any doubt, always bring in a qualified electrician to install your ceiling lights.