7 E-Cigarette Myths Set Straight


Smoking is an unhealthy habit that can lead to an uncontrollable and expensive addiction, as well as potentially life-threatening health issues. To kick the habit and become healthier, many people turn to smoking e-cigarettes instead. When people enter the world of vaping, it is easy for them to feel overwhelmed and confused. There are so many new words, devices and options to choose from, it can get complicated. As well as all of this new information, there are many myths that surround this habit, that can lead to people gaining a false understanding about using vapes. To help clear up some of these rumors, here are seven e-cigarette myths set straight.

“Gateway to Smoking Cigarettes”

Vaping has become popular amongst young people. There are even nicotine free versions that don’t cause people to become addicted. Due to the popularity of e-cigarettes, some people believe that they are a gateway into the world of smoking for young people and that it will encourage these youngsters to smoke in the future. There is currently no evidence to support these claims. In the UK, surveys show that the smoking rate amongst young people is falling and continues to do so.

“Nicotine Causes Harm”

Many people think that e-cigarettes are harmful because they contain nicotine. Research has shown that 40% of current and ex-smokers believe that nicotine is the cause of cancers and health problems associated with tobacco cigarettes. However, evidence has proven that the health risks associated with nicotine are minimal and even though it is addictive, the thousands of other elements found in a cigarette are the main cause of harm amongst smokers. These chemicals won’t be found in vapes.

“They Cause Popcorn Lung”

This is one of the most common concerns associated with smoking e-cigarettes. This rumour came into existence due to some of the flavorings that are found in e-liquids. At high levels of exposure, one of the elements known as diacetyl can be associated with lung disease, known as bronchiolitis obliterans. This illness earned its name because it was observed amongst workers in a popcorn factory. This ingredient is actually banned from e-cigarettes flavorings in the UK, so you won’t get this illness.

“Lack of Regulation”

In the UK, e-cigarettes are extremely regulated for quality and safety. They are not completely hazard free, but compared to a normal cigarette, the risks associated with vaping are exceptionally reduced. It is common for people to think that they are not regulated and no one knows what they contain, but without this strict regulation, e-cigarette products would not be subject to the minimum quality and safety standards. The packaging and labelling information allows consumers to make informed choices.

“The Smoke Harms Others”

Second hand smoke from a tobacco cigarette has been proven to be harmful and there is a lot of evidence that has made this clear. This means smoking is prohibited in enclosed workplaces and public spaces. However, these laws don’t cover vaping. Unlike normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco or produce carbon monoxide or tar. These are the most damaging compounds found in tobacco smoke. This means that businesses can make their own policies on the use of e-cigarettes.

“It’s a Trojan Horse”

Another myth is that the tobacco industry is using e-cigarettes as a trojan horse, to encourage people to continue smoking. However, there is no evidence to support that e-cigarettes are being used to encourage people to smoke. The figures gathered in the UK actually support the opposite, as the number of ex-smokershave continued to increase over the past few years. Over half of UK smokers have quit and the quitting success rates have continued to increase, so this myth is not supported.

“You Won’t Quit Smoking”

With the help of an e-cigarette, thousands of people in the UK have managed to quit smoking. The evidence to support this is constantly growing. When people smoke a vape pen, they can manage their habit and satisfy their nicotine cravings without inhaling a range of harmful chemicals. Many people will go outdoors to smoke their vape pen to maintain a routine. There are plenty of differente-liquid flavours to choose from, so there will always be a new flavour to safely satisfy your craving.

Understanding the pros and cons is important before you take up vaping. Compared to smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes are much safer and are a fantastic alternative for people who are trying to quit. Now the myths have been set straight, you will be able to make a more informed choice in the future.