5 Potentially Game Changing Uses for CBD Products


CBD has been touted as something of a wonder-drug, with some bold claims about what it can do for us and our health. Here are five things that might just change the way we treat some ailments to include CBD in the treatment plans.

Pain Relief

One of the most classic and well documented uses of marijuana is its effectiveness in treating pain. Evidence of the use of marijuana for pain management is at least two thousand years old. Now that the specific components of marijuana have been isolated, scientists have been able to identify the compounds that are responsible for this pain relief – and those compounds include CBD. Usinggood quality CBD products purchased from a reputable manufacturer has the potential to greatly aid in pain relief for a number of ailments like arthritis, muscle and joint pain as well as some spinal cord injuries.

This one needs more clinical studies to confirm the thoughts that CBD oil can act on your brain’s receptors to reduce pain while others think the pain relief comes thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

Positive Results on Acne

Acne is the plague of the teenager, but it’s not exclusive to the younger population. Studies suggest around 9% of the population suffer from acne, which in itself has numerous causes, including genetics, bacteria and underlying causes like the overproduction of skin oils like sebum.

Recent evidence suggests that CBD oils could actually benefit those suffering from acne thanks to its effective anti-inflammatory nature and an uncanny ability to affect the amount of sebum produced. These tests have so far been confined to test tubes where in this controlled environment it was even noticed that CBD oil even prevented the activation of acne-causing natural compounds like cytokines. The investigation into the positive results on acne are still in their infancy and more human-based trials are needed to confirm this effect, but it looks promising.

Neuroprotective Properties

Some researchers working with CBD believe that it has the ability to affect the endocannabinoid system amongst other parts of the brain responsible for signalling and this can assist with the treatment and prevention of some neurological disorders. This is one of the studies that sees the most support thanks to the perceived effects of CBD oil on disorders like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Like all research into the effects of CBD, this area of research is very new with some early studies having turned up some rather promising results.

Sativex is onesuch implementation of CBD for use in neurological cases, which is a mix of CBD and THC and comes in the form of a throat spray. It’s found to reduce the muscle spasticity of those suffering from multiple sclerosis, though some patients did experience some side effects like fever and fatigue.

Anti-Seizure Effects

Along with its potential neuroprotective effects, CBD might also be useful as an anti-seizure product for epilepsy. This is one of the parts of research into CBD that is very much still in its infancy. The American Epilepsy Society has stated that they have some hope that CBD research can be helpful for those suffering from seizure disorders. In 2016, a study involving over 200 people with epilepsy aimed to prove the efficacy of CBD as a treatment by prescribing 2 to 5mg a day to each participant to be taken alongside their existing medication. The researchers found that over the 12 weeks of the study up to 36% of participants had fewer seizures per month, but there were some adverse effects too.

Reducing Anxiety

Another promising area where CBD oils are making themselves known is in the realm of anxiety and depression,which is a prolific problem in our modern society. Traditional medications for anxiety like the benzodiazepines class are known to be habit forming and can cause some significantly unpleasant side effects like drowsiness, irritability and headaches. It’s for this reason that research into the effects of CBD in anxiety cases has been looked at.

Once again, CBD finds promising early results in these cases thanks to the ability for CBD to act on the brain’s serotonin receptors – the neurotransmitter responsible for things like your mood and social behaviour. CBD oil has been found to be useful for nerves and anxiety in those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder too.

Before widespread adoption, there is definitely a need for more research into the use of CBD in many different areas of healthcare, but the writing is on the wall that it might just become an essential part of our health care routine.