Why pay for the expensive "Brand Name" shop Brandless

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I have the best brand for you!! It is Brandless!!  All products are made without that expensive brand name. Honestly, so many products we purchase are all the same ingredients. We do pay for the "Brand Name".

I received an amazing bundle with a super savings on products. Brandless is Back and offering the spectacular bundle which has 40+ products for only $100! This is a value of over $260, so definitely an awesome deal to get you stocked up on the essentials! If you aren't familiar with Brandless, they carry a ton of everyday essentials from non-toxic cleaners to organic wellness to clean, cruelty-free beauty products. Cruelty-Free and I know it is so important to all of us. All their products are just that.

All their products leave all that bad stuff out. No testing on animals, chemicals that will not harm us, organic products that do not contain pesticides and so on.

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  • organic
  • cruelty free
  • unrefined
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • no dyes
  • non gmo
  • non toxic formula
  • biodegradable

A lot goes into preserving the soil so it has good plant nutrition. This is why organic products are known for their high prices. One of my favorites is the Virgin Coconut oil. I use this to cook and also in my hair. Coconut oil has so many uses. Another favorite is the grapefruit facial scrub leaves my skin silky smooth. I then use the Rosewater Facial toner spray to hydrate my skin before applying my makeup.

Their products cut costs and save you big bucks. It is like taking out the middle man when ordering from them.  

Finding great deals can be time consuming. I know I have spent hours to try and find the best deals in stores and even online. When I grocery shop or head to the pharmacy I am always purchasing way more than I really need. Oh lets get this or that when it really isn't needed. I find shopping online is convenient, saves me money and I can shop at 3AM if I want to. If you know where to shop you can be frugal and save. One stop shop is what it is all about. You should keep up and check their website for items being added daily.

There was something in this bundle for the entire family. Order individual items with free shipping on $40 or more.

Who says better has to cost more?

Take $5 off your next order with my code: $5OffIG