Best TOOLS to help with your FINANCES

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Looking for a home can be joyous and stressful at the same time. One of the biggest purchases of your lifetime will be your home. My daughter and my future son in law are starting to look for homes in New Jersey. They will be getting married July 31, 2021. Okay, so where do you start? You are looking through many listings of homes and different prices. Do you really know what you can exactly afford? There are amazing tools on the internet to help you with your decision making.

A super handy tool they used to calculate is a nifty site This calculator helps to determine if they can indeed purchase that home for $550.000. This was their maximum price they wanted to purchase a house for. They did a full mortgage calculator by filling out the information Pigly requested. There is no personal information put in it is a safe site calculator. It is free and easy to use. 
You start by putting in the purchase price, interest rate etc.

The next set of boxes you add the property taxes, insurance if their are Home Association fees. On to the next set of boxes add your income, the amount of debt you owe (credit cards, college payments). Hit the calculator button and it will list the loan amount you would qualify for. 

With their income they can qualify for a home up to $720.700. The houses they are looking for are less than that amount so they are in their range of prices. It was easy to calculate, and you can also print out an amortization schedule. That type of schedule lists throughout the 30 year mortgage of payments the amount of interest each year going towards your payment and the principal. 

If you are looking to purchase a home I highly recommend you bookmark Pigly. There are so many more tools that can help with calculations. We all need help with our finances from credit cards, to loans and savings. Use the vehicle tool to calculate finances on your next car purchase or lease. Need a loan? Figure the cost of taking one out. Use the Savings calculator for Education. Keeping finances in order is super important and they have all the resources for everyone.