Top Reasons for Getting a BA in Psychology

Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. It provides insight into the reasons and motivations behind the ways that people think, feel, and behave. While the idea of psychology primarily conjures up images of therapists or counselors, the discipline is actually quite vast and can be applied to a number of areas. Psychologists can focus on everything from memory, reasoning, mental health, language, consciousness, behavior, and more.

If you’re considering getting a BA in psychology, the reasons below may help you make your final decision.

It Widens Job Opportunities

Psychology offers an enormous array of job choices. Depending on what you’d like to specialize in, there are many areas of potential focus. These include sports psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology, and more.

The range of specialisms that come with obtaining a Bachelor of Psychology means that the opportunity for careers can be immense. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do some research and figure out what specialism you are drawn to. In general, though, psychologists can find themselves in careers ranging from psychotherapists, correctional officers, health educators, and neuroscientists, to life coaches, career advisors, and policy officers, etc.

Enables You to Learn About Yourself and Others

If you’re unsure about whether psychology is your chosen career path, taking a few courses can be a good way to learn more about it. One of the primary benefits of psychology, regardless of career options, is that it provides insight into yourself and others. Psychology teaches you about some of the primary reasons and motivations behind our thoughts, memories, behaviors, and feelings. Even if you don’t pursue psychology as a lifelong career, the benefits of learning more about yourself and others can prove to be an invaluable skill.

You Can Make a Difference in People’s Lives

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of getting a degree in psychology is the many ways you can make a difference in people’s lives. Psychologists who end up as therapists, counselors, social workers, or community workers provide support and help people overcome adversity. As a psychologist, you have the opportunity to bring out the best in people and provide great benefits to their emotional and mental well-being.

You Can Apply It to Many Areas of Life

Psychology can also be applied to different industries. If you decide at the end of your degree that you don’t want to become a professional psychologist, your skills can still be applied elsewhere. Many psychology graduates end up in careers such as human resources, marketing, business, education, sales, health services, and more. Outside of your job, you can also apply your skills and knowledge about psychology to other relationships and areas of your life.

Psychology is a broad discipline with a variety of specialisms to choose from. Above are just some of the top reasons to obtain a BA in Psychology and how you can apply it to a potential career, or to life in general. Good luck with your studies!