A Guide to Watching Sports at Home

In some parts of the world, having fans in physical attendance of sporting fixtures seems a long way away, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, knowing how to correctly set up your home for watching on the television has rarely been more critical. Supporters of a specific sport or team who live hours away from where the sport is taking place are just as crucial as those nearby. They will all have their separate, individual, and sometimes superstitious routine for watching sport at home.

If you’re new to sports, this guide should help you set up the perfect game day experience.

The sports room

Think about where you’re going to watch the game and prepare it in advance, especially if you have friends or family over. If you have the space and finances, dedicated sports rooms are incredibly popular and allow you to stay out of the way of others in the house who aren’t interested in the game. A recent trend has been to convert garages or sheds into sports watching rooms with drinks fridges, fully functioning bars and comfortable seating. Wherever you’re watching, make sure every seat has a good view of the screen.

The snacks

Especially important if you’re having a large number of guests over, the in-game snacks can make or break the experience. Ask your friends to bring a small something each to bulk out your stocks and, if you have time, consider making some of your own for that special touch. If you are too busy then chips, nuts and cookies are usually a safe bet, but remember to find out if anybody coming has allergies.

The half-time entertainment

Most sports will have breaks in play, but you don’t want the action to stop. Fill your sports room with speakers so that you can play music and consider investing in some sports tables. An array of equipment reviews can be found at Air Hockey Geek, so you know which tables are of high quality, will fit in any sized room and will keep you and your friends entertained when the professional sport stops.

To be the cream of the crop, practice when your friends away and amaze them with your foosball skills.

The post-game discussion

Whether everybody you have had round was cheering the same team or there was some friendly competition, the post-match discussion is one of the best, most social aspects of having others around for a big day of sport in front of the television. Have drinks in the fridge and make your friends know they are welcome to stay for as long as they like after the game has finished so that you can dispute, dissect and amiably disagree on your team’s performance. This is another time where having good speakers or a large screen comes in handy, as you can play music to make the vibe last longer.

Win or lose, you’ll have a fantastic time with your friends and family if you get the environment and atmosphere right in a well-equipped sports room.