Backyard Organization Tips


Backyards are there to enjoy, especially in the warmer months. Equipment, tools, and other miscellaneous necessities can totally throw off the feng shui of your beautiful outdoor space. Inevitably, you need lawnmowers, firewood, toys, cushions, and more to maintain and enjoy your backyard. The issue is how to organize these items in a way that doesn’t detract from the aesthetic. 

With a little bit of creativity, you can maximize underused space in your backyard to maintain the flow. These tips will help you improve organization and functionality while keeping your yard looking tidy. 

1. Portable Garage/Shed

portable garage or shed is the perfect solution to store all the items you need to maintain great organization in your backyard, without investing in a permanent structure. It’s a great option if you’re renting a home, or if you’re living somewhere that you aren’t planning on staying long term. On top of that, a portable garage is perfect for storing things you need quick access to in the summer, but that you store away for the winter. If you have ATV's or lawnmowers that you put in storage during the colder months, a portable garage can keep them protected during the summer months. 

2. Hide your garbage

Typically, families store trash, recycling, and yard scrap bins in the backyard. They are not very attractive to look at and will stand out against beautiful landscaping. A wooden storage box is a perfect solution as the natural materials will flow with the rest of your backyard. If you’re installing one, look for one with a lid that hinges, so you don’t need to pull out the bins every time you want to deposit something in. There are also other ways to hide yourgarbage, like behind shrubs, or a privacy screen.


3. In-furniture storage

Outdoor furniture offers the perfect opportunity for additional storage. You can use hollow benches to store extra patio cushions, pool toys, umbrellas, barbecue tools, and more. You can get storage cubes that double as seating, where you can also store items to keep them hidden from sight. It’s even possible to add additional storage in your patio table or outdoor coffee table. You can be creative with this and choose furniture pieces that match the décor of your backyard. 

4. Under your deck

If you’ve got decking in your yard, it’s the perfect space to store larger items such as kayaks, paddleboards, rakes, etc. If you don’t have a tool shed, these items can look messy just laying around, or propped up against your fence or wall. A deck will keep them out of the way and help to protect them from the elements. 

5. Build hanging storage on your fence

Sharp garden tools thrown messily into a box or pile will do you no favors. Create hanging storage space by installing hooks or a rack onto your fence or storage solution. You can use a basic piece of wood with nails or hooks in them or jazz it up by using something unique. Use this area to hang up yard equipment like rakes, hoes, shovels, hose attachments, spades, and keep them organized. You’ll have easy access to them when you need them and don’t need to worry about digging around your shed or basement for them.