5 Benefits of Dental Implants for Busy Women

As a busy woman who needs to look her best, a missing tooth is something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Sharing an easy smile with a confidante or co-worker isn’t possible when you are worried that they might spot a tooth that’s absent.
One way to resolve this is with a dental implant. Here are 5 benefits of dental implants to consider.

1.      Natural Tooth Replacement

A dental implant uses a titanium post secured inside the gum line and a life-like dental implant screwed into it. Once the dental procedure is complete, there’s no longer a gap in your teeth. The finish is also natural in appearance, so pretty soon no one will remember there was once a gap at all.
It’s a good idea to look for a qualified, local dentist. There are dental implants services in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia where high-quality dental work can restore your smile. The McCrae Dental Practice is a good example, with offices in Bendigo, Marong, and Strathfieldsaye, so it is well placed to provide excellent results for you.

2.      No Cavities

Unlike regular teeth, there’s no risk of an artificial tooth developing a tooth cavity. So, no future fillings or other corrective work is required on the implant once it’s been fitted.
If you have a bare gum where a tooth used to be situated, having a replacement fitted also avoids the risk of developing an infection.

3.      Restore Support to Adjacent Teeth

The teeth on either side of the missing one sometimes become misaligned when there’s a tooth missing in the gum line. Indeed, teeth can change angles when there’s no tooth next to them to create resistance to it. Therefore, if you go too long with a missing tooth, the nearby one may become adversely affected.
Not only does this make it more problematic to fit a replacement tooth, but correcting any misalignment is not easy either. As such, it’s best not to delay too long when missing a tooth.

4.      More Reliable Than Dentures

Having a denture moulded and fitted for your mouth is not a perfect solution. They can slip inside your mouth with the movement of the jaw from speaking and chewing food. The shift in position can causeembarrassment as it’s very obvious to anyone looking at you at that moment.
By comparison, a dental implant is a life-like tooth which is screwed into position. Due to its design, it cannot move around in the way that a denture may do.

5.      Speech Pattern is Unchanged

A few dental solutions like dentures can change your pattern of speech. This is because the new element inside the mouth alters how a person uses their tongue and the shape of their mouth to form words. Until adjusted to this, it’s common to not sound the same and sometimes become difficult to understand. A dental implant is small enough that it doesn’t affect your natural speech pattern at all.
Getting dental work completed to resolve a missing tooth provides peace of mind. Not only will your smile be restored once again, but it brings with it increased confidence levels too.