How to Get the Most out of Your Promotional Item Strategy

Everywhere you go, you’ll find promotional items. You probably have a few in your home right now without even realizing it. This is what makes them so powerful. They allow you to integrate your brand into people’s lives in a discreet way. However, for them to actually work the way they’re supposed to, you have to go beyond the usual and have an actual strategy. With the right tools and techniques, you’ll be able to maximize your efforts and do more with less. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your promotional item strategy.

Tailor Your Brand to Your Audience

Don’t make the mistake of going for a cookie cutter approach. If you want your promo items to work, you have to make sure that they are tailor made for your audience, so they’ll actually use and appreciate them. And don’t be afraid to spend either.
If your brand is involved in tech, for instance, a good option would be to go with printed power banks. This is an item most people will appreciate and use in their everyday lives. It will also catch the attention of the people around them if they have an eye-catching design. This is also an item that will last a lot longer than your average pen or calendar. An item that adds value to your audience’s lives will bring back dividends and increase their appreciation of your brand. 

Make Sure They’re Tailor Made for Your Business as Well

You should also make sure that your promo items are in line with your business as well. For instance, if you have a gym, then you could give away gym bags or towels with your brand name on them. If you own a shop or grocery store, then reusable bags are a perfect choice. You could also give out branded coffee mugs if you have a small cafe, or travel tumblers, for instance

Give them as a Reward

Promo items are also a great way to show your appreciation and foster loyalty. It could be part of a loyalty scheme, for instance. Another thing you could do is offer customers a reward for using your item. If we take the cafe example, doing something such as offering discounts every time a customer visits with your mug could be an incentive.

Do Your Research

When picking your items, make sure that you do your research as well. Some items are proven to work better than others, so make sure that you consider those first and pick the ones that fit with your brand and budget. Also, it was found that over 81% of people who were handed promotional items held on to them for more than a year, so try to purchase items that have a long shelf life.


All these tips will allow you to increase the impact of your promo item strategy and make sure that they don’t end up being a waste of money. Always try to refine your strategy, and use as many tools and approaches as you can.