Make your home refreshing, with Febreze Plug Multi-Pack super savings

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Febreze . The opinions and text are all mine.

There is nothing I love more when someone walks into my home and smells the fresh clean smell of "Linen and Sky" throughout my home. The smell of cleanness is exhilarating and gives my home the utmost vibe.

It's that time of year when friends and family are stopping by either for a quick visit, dinner, or spending a few days for the Holidays. We all want our homes clean and smell their freshest. My secret? Febreze Plug Scented Oils and Air Freshener's.

I have spent a mini fortune on air fresheners, but not any more. I order from Sam's Club where I save $$. The Febreze Plug multipack is only available for a limited time at Sam's Club and

I am sure most of us try to keep our home super clean but with our daily lives so hectic with school, work young children it cannot be obtained all the time. I do have my messy spots in my home, clutter in the corner, shoes not put away in the closet. One thing I have to say if your home smells clean and fresh it makes a difference even if all rooms are not in order.

Pets attribute certain smells from cat litter boxes, a wet dog and other animals. Cleaning your home daily and using a Febreze Plug will keep your home fresh and clean. If my home doesn't have a clean fresh smell the bottom line is it is not clean.

Walking into someones home that gives off a musty smell even if it is immaculate is uncomfortable and makes the home seem uninviting. These scented oils cleans away odors does not mask them. Provides 1200 hours of freshness.

When I have used "others" in the past, after a week or so the scent would fade and I wouldn't smell it when I walked into my home or room. I became immune to the fragrance. With these each one has two scents that alternate in the warmers. This technology makes the warmer give off a fragrance off the fresh linen scent within the entire use of the refill.

This time I purchased them online and received within a few days. Sam's club ships quick and kept me up to date on my package delivery information.
I love the refreshing aroma that will last for 50 days each on the low setting. This means my house will be smelling its best for up to 6 months.
What is your favorite air freshener? My favorite is Linen & Sky, but others are available too: Mediterranean Lavender, Gain Original Scent, & Hawaiian Aloha. The Linen & Sky smells like a breeze outside with clean clothes on a clothes line, or a freshly cleaned room. A super deal on 2 Oil Warmers + 4 Scented Oil Refills from Sam's Club, you can't beat the great price.