3 Alternative Treatments for Common Illnesses

From the common cold and flu to allergies and headaches, dealing with these kinds of illnesses usually results in us relying on medicines that we can purchase from the drug store without a need for a prescription. Far too often, people rely on these solutions to solve the problem, but there are actually many alternative treatment options available that are able to benefit us when we are experiencing these illnesses without relying on medicine. 
Why consider this, you ask. The more you take medicine, the less effective it will be because your body will know how to reject it, which can cause problems when you really do need it. Therefore, the three alternative treatment options below should help to keep you back on the road to recovery when you get knocked back. 
IV Drip – For Influenza
When you are experiencing flu, dehydration can often be the biggest cause of why our recovery takes longer. Even when there are little to no symptoms present, doctors urge the importance of staying hydrated during influenza. In fact, you are meant to take more fluids than on an average day because the flu will cause the body to become weaker. The weaker your body is, the longer it will take to recover. However, people might not even realize they are suffering from dehydration, and so do not drink nearly enough to keep the body strong. When it comes to treating yourself when suffering from this common illness, look at what Reset IV in Los Angeles can offer you. The team will come to your home and fix an IV drip so that you can get the right amount of fluids you need to help your body recover. An IV drip will help you to feel better extremely fast due to the relief you will experience. 
Reiki Therapy – For the Common Cold 
Reiki therapy is becoming a more popular treatment option that can help many common illnesses. While there is still yet to be a cure for the common cold, finding ways that you can ease your suffering as much as possible without medicine is possible with Reiki therapy. Before you do anything, you must clean out your room; this doesn’t mean physically, however. You need to cleanse the energy in the room by using incense sticks and Reiki symbols. Only once you’ve done this can you start focusing on relieving some of the symptoms of the cold. To find out more about the process of doing so, click here. This therapy is all about allowing yourself to heal so you need to be sure that you are taking your time to complete the process correctly. Combine this with eating properly and drinking enough and you should be able to relieve some of your symptoms until your cold goes. 
Apple Cider Vinegar - For Allergies

Whether you have hay fever, asthma, eczema or anaphylaxis, dealing with allergies can be truly miserable. While no treatment will ever be able to cure the allergy completely, it is possible to minimize the symptoms and gain some relief so you can still partake in everything you want to. When your allergies cause a stuffy nose, simply boil some water and place it into a large bowl. You then add one cup of unfiltered apple cider and mix well. To clear your sinus, hold your head over the bowl with a towel over your head.