Fun interactive play with Gululu Go, for your kids while they stay hydrated. Big sale !!

"This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and Gululu."

The Gululu Go, an interactive smart water bottle for children has been featured in over 20 countries and some of the top media sites such as Yahoo, Vogue and Forbes as the 5 best kids gadgets. A water bottle that comes with a storybook so you can read along with your children, play games and interact with this fascinating virtual pet water bottle.

So many children suffer from dehydration especially in the hot summer months. Water is so important to keep children healthy and active. Gululu Go the newest version speaks to your children !! Now what water bottle can do that? It interacts with you children with over 200 phrases teaching and reminding your children to drink from their water bottle. It is fascinating. It allows us as parents to track from our smart phones and see how much water intake our children have had that day. If we see our children not drinking enough we can let the app know to remind our child to drink more.

As we gather on Thanksgiving Day having a great time with family and friends and so many delicious appetizers, turkey and all the trimmings. We tend to forget the real meaning of Thanksgiving. It is to be "thankful" I am thankful for all that Gululu does around the globe.  I know with my purchase, Gululu will provide clean drinking water, for life, to one child in a developing country. 

During our get together were able to see that my niece was not drinking enough water from looking at the app. Her Gululi bottle Ninji lets her know because the Ninji is sad. The Gululu Go makes it fun for her to drink. Watching her interact with the water bottle is the cutest. As she continues to drink she watches and sees that her Ninji is happy and growing. She can play games with other children that have a Gululu Go bottle too!!

We as parents cannot be with our children all the time to monitor their liquid intake because they attend school, camp in the summer or other caregivers are taking care of them. We can however, remind them

Water has many important functions in the body, including; regulating your body’s temperature, digesting food.  Your body loses water throughout the day. It is important to replace the water you have lost to prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated.

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If you are looking for a gift idea for your children that is not only fun but beneficial to their health I highly recommend the Gululu Go. Make drinking water fun and that is exactly what this best water bottle for kids does.