Five Reasons Why We Just Can’t Get Enough With Dogs

Perhaps you are in the middle of a dilemma whether you want to get another dog or not. You may have previous good experiences that can either be amazing such as playing fetch with your neighbor's dog or having your face licked by a cute puppy. Anything that brings you to a nostalgic feeling of wanting to have a dog always leads you to a decision of getting one again. 

However, there are many things that you’ll need to consider. To own a dog takes a lot of responsibilities and if you weren't good enough during the last time that you had, better skip having a dog. 

Being a dog lover would make you want to add more in your pack. It’s like having a new born baby in the family which makes it exciting for you. This is why some people couldn't just get enough with dogs. This kind of pet is truly a bundle of joy for some household because they are easy to get along with and even understands how you feel most of the time. Each has its purpose of having more dogs. Here are the following five reasons why we can’t get enough with dogs. 

1. Safety - dogs are indeed territorial, and if there is anything that lingers around the environment, they tend to be in a rage. The presence of a dog gives you a peace of mind because of how they are created to be very sensitive. Their senses are always on point with anything they hear, see or smell. The only downside is that if you have more than three dogs in your home, expect for a noise barrage. 

2. Having someone to play with - one dog can be lonely, and so you have decided to add more. This makes your dog more fulfilling because they have someone that they can play.

3. Socialization - your dog can be entertained especially if they are more engaged with activities that will help release the energy that they have. If you happened to have a dog, inviting friends over that have other dogs too can be a great way for your pet to enjoy the company of other dogs or you can always have the option to buy a new pet.

4. You have the best buddy to share - going for a jog with your dogs is another way that you can't get enough to have as many pets. They are always there to accompany every time you needed them the most.

5. Returning home is indeed sweet - come to think of going home after a stressful day at work, you will get to play with your dog and release all the toxins that you have absorbed all day at work. 

Raising more than one pet dog is exciting as long as you know how to handle and you are responsible enough not to leave them without proper care and attention while you go to work. It is important that you establish a kind of relationship that your dogs will feel sheltered and loved.

Author Bio: Pete Decker is the Lead Editor of The Goody Pet, a website dedicated to helping pet parents better care for their furry friends. Follow them on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter to get updates on reviews of pet products. 


  1. My husband wants us to get a dog. I never had one, so I'm on the fence

  2. We have two dogs ourselves, I agree with all of this! Love our dogs!

  3. Our Golden Retriever Jethro is our original baby. He is part of the family. We love him like another human. I am having so much fun watching our little girl become friends with him!

  4. I agree!!! so many great things about dogs. if only I had one... haha dreaming!!

  5. My chihuahua is a blessing as he has helped me with depression. He goes wherever I go.

  6. We have always had lovable and loyal dachshunds. We recently lost our 14 yr old Scooter. I am not sure he can be replaced. Sad.

    1. I am so sorry. It is so difficult when we loose a pet.