Beautiful products to Enhance Your Outdoor Water Features

A water feature adds tons of beauty and value to your property, no matter if it's installed in the front or backyard of your home. But a water feature itself needs a little touch up here and there to make it an appealing focal point. Thus, you may end up looking for ideas to accessorize it to make it eye-catching. Before we move ahead, you may want to have a look at Soothing Walls that offers a great range of beautiful outdoor water features for your garden, deck, and patio.

Surround it with a Bed

Surrounding your water feature with an embellishing bed is one of the simplest ideas to enhance it up. The material of the bed depends on the theme of your feature and the style of your yard. If you own a modern or rustic landscape, stones will work well to accentuate your water feature. There are gravel and river stones, and you can choose any based on the texture you like better. A coastal landscape will be complemented the best with crushed seashells. They will give a natural look around the water feature and mingle well with your garden. Now if you don’t want the selected base substance from running into the remaining space of your yard, you can fix the edging around the borders of a water feature. Edging comes in stone, concrete, pavers, metal, and plastic. They all function efficiently to contain the stones or seashells set up around the feature.

Add Some Colors

Colors will always do for any upsetting situation. In case your concrete or stone feature has started looking dull, add colors to spruce it up. The best candidate for coloring is a modern concrete feature. Pick a vivid and bold color to paint the complete feature base or only the edge for a finer look. Using a concrete-binding primer is important with masonry paint to make sure the paint will stick to the elements. You can form a line of tiles around the rim of the feature and color it with a bold shade and intricate pattern for an appealing look. 

Floating Ornaments

There may be a case where you feel satisfied with the way your water feature looks, yet you want to spice it up. In such a situation, you can beautify the water itself. Adorning your water with the floating objects will pull people’s attention towards the feature in an unobtrusive way. One option is the Japanese fishing net floats that have the colored glass which mirrors the light for an acute effect. For dinners, parties and special events, gliding tea light can transform your water feature into a point of conversation.

Pair With Greenery

Greens and blues are truly a source of serenity and peace. Adding plants and flowers will further highlight a water feature and add harmony to your area. Water features made of concrete, marble, glass, or stones may appear toughened and displeasing. You can place potted plants and brackens on side tables, in corners, and along the walkway to annex color without taking away the look you want to attain. These plants with their luscious greens will make a striking contrast with a simple stone and concrete water feature. Similarly, you can use broadleaf plants, ivy, and creeping juniper if you own a colorful tiled feature. Remember to choose plants and flowers that will bloom in different weather conditions.


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