NMEDA improves the lives with people with Disabilities

As many families deal with disabilities with themselves or family members from adults to children can be very overwhelming and they do not know where to turn for help. My mother’s husband has been dealing with so much since he was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease 10 years ago.

Coping with the different stages of this disease has been difficult for my mom. It has been a long road and within the last year he has been confined to a wheel chair. He received a wheel chair from a friend and he was able to use it at the beginning but it was very difficult. They have all rugs throughout the house and with Parkinson disease your hands shake and it has been so difficult for him to move around himself by pushing the wheels.  He now has no freedom to be able to get around the house. My mom has to push and take him everywhere and it also is taking a toll on her. He now has a motorized scooter (wheelchair) to be able to get around. He is a Veteran and dealing with NMEDA has helped with the costs. Scooters are very expensive if you need to go out and purchase one. 
The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association NMEDA works to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. NMEDA and their members provide the best and most beneficial solutions for increased mobility. Simply put, they are the best source for wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility equipment.
NMEDA is a solution that helps all people who struggle with mobility issues and helps the person help decide what would be best for them.

Benefits of working with a NMEDA (QAP) quality assurance program dealer include: in-person evaluations, specialized training of equipment, 24-hour local emergency roadside services and so much more! Imagine the comfort of knowing that your mobility challenged loved one had this type of support and reliable safety. The network of QAP dealers will help get you or a loved one on the road to independence.
Many of the Associations NMEDA deals with are:

·         VA – Veterans Administration
·         DAV – Disabled American Veteran
·         PVA – Paralyzed Veterans Association
·         Wounded Warriors
·         ALS Association – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
·         MS – National Multiple Sclerosis Society
·         Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
·         United Spinal Association
·         RESNA – Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America
·         AOTA – American Occupational Therapy Association
·         ADED – Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
·         APTA – American Physical Therapy Association
·         American Stroke Association
·         National Stroke Association
·         Senior Living Council
·         MDA – Muscular Dystrophy Association
·         AARP
·         Arthritis Foundation
·         National Council on Aging
·         United Cerebral Palsy

You do not need to be a member of any of the above, this is who NMEDA has worked with and still continue to do so.
All NMEDA equipment dealers must be certified in a unique training program so they assure the great quality, safety and experience to give to all in need of mobility.

If you or a family member has special need’s I highly recommend you visit their website nmeda.com or call to find out additional information. They have locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Find a NMEDA Dealer Near You

Becoming a member gives you exclusive membership benefits and discounts. Besides offering financing which is a great burden taken off most families since they do not have to put out thousands of dollars at once, they also offer rentals for they can set up for you for a day or extended time for you or your loved one to be able to go on vacation, or a special event !! That is fabulous. NMEDA will set everything up for you, just let them know what you need and a qualified dealer will take care of everything for you and your family. 

 Government Funding For Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles 

Veterans Affairs Agencies, Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies and various related agencies can provide valuable information, services, and assistance to people with special needs.

There are options for :

  • Government Funding
  • Financing
  • Rebates
Many options available that you can easily find out by talking to a specialist.  They have many ways to be contacted. Fill out a contact form on their website or call.
Here is the information 

Toll Free Phone: (866) 948-8341
Phone: (813) 264-2697
Fax: (813) 962-8970
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


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