My Review : eShopMind Universal Cell Phone Clip Holder

eShopMind Universal Cell Phone Clip Holder Bracket Flexible Long Arms for iPhone, GPS Devices, Fit On Desktop Bed Mobile Stand for Bedroom, Office, Bathroom, Kitchen - Black

This Cell Phone Holder is really cool. I like the way it grips on my desk. My Galaxy 6 phone sits nicely inside. It is secure. When I go to answer the phone or text it moves slightly. I know it is secure because the base is tight to my desk and my phone is secure. I keep it low and I do not extend it to much. 

It does stretch and you can move it to exactly where you would like it.

It comes with 2 holders. The flat one that sits on my desk is perfect. My phone fits inside when I have a thin case on. It is easy to pick up and I like when I am at my computer or at the table I can see it directly without having to pick it up. 

I received these cell phone holders discounted or complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.