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 Just Sayin': Euphemistic Political and Personal Expressions in American English by Godfrey Harris

Euphemism - an inoffensive or indirect expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive or too harsh.  Most politicians indulge in uttering euphemistic phrases in their campaign speeches to get elected.

Euphemisms are used to mask the real meaning of a word in order to sell you on a product or idea.

 Just Sayin': Euphemistic Political and Personal Expressions in American English by Godfrey Harris

My Thoughts:
What a fun and whimsical read, the author, has solved many of my questions explaining the real meaning of our culture's most interesting yet bizarre euphemisms. We all come in contact with them yet often never know their true origin or meaning. My family and I have enjoyed this book so much that we decided to adapt it to our Friday night trivia. The kids are both amazed and entertained by the curious euphemisms of before their time!
A well-written book expressing our ambiguous cultural expressions we all use unconsciously. The author has brought into the light of day the fact that we are all guilty of using these sometimes embarrassing and funny euphemisms without understanding what we are saying. Thus, creating an entirely altered and minimized reality.

From the Author:
This book is a nifty gift for any of the occasions soon to come — Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even Flag Day. It should be given to those who are politically inclined, are fed up with the politics as usual practiced in Washington, their state capital, or at city hall, and want to change the way things are going. Just Sayin’ is not only a lot of fun to read — a book to be picked up and put down whenever there’s a moment to spare — but it is a silent political tool for every voter to use to take government back.  Get enough people reading it and politicians will soon  be afraid to use a euphemism to hide the true intent of their activities. Nothing like shaming a politician into paying attention to his constituents.
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