Product Review Stops Ear Plugs

Stops Ear Plugs

My husband works in Construction and using heavy equipment each day. Their equipment is super loud especially the jack hammer. I received Stops Ear Plugs for testing purposes and to supply my opinion and review of them complimentary.

I received 3 pair in red. He watched the video that the seller supplied to make sure he is using them correctly and to know that he is getting the best use out of them. He has been using them for over a month and it helps much better than his ear plugs he receives from his company.

Good ear plugs are very important. He also is a hunter and shoots his gun at the range. He has been using them for when he does this also. He said they make a difference and is very happy with them.

A good pair of ear plugs to tune out all noise if you are trying to sleep or get some rest. They are round and you fit them to the size of you ear. This is why they are so effective from hearing sound. 

If your partner is a loud snorer and you loose sleep night after night I highly recommend them. You will sleep nice and comfortable and get a great nights sleep.

If your children or yourself love to go swimming and suffer from swimmers ear these are perfect. Gently fit them to fit the inner part of your ear to keep all water from getting inside your ears.

I watched Stops Ear Plug video which guided me on the proper way to sculpt the ear plugs to fit my ears. I heard no sound after using them. Check out their website for the best ear plugs that would suit your needs.

You can visit their website to learn more about the ear plugs


  1. These look much different than the standard earplugs, I think the way that they are made, probably make a big difference in how well they work. Mu husband is a snorer, and I often times have to jostle him, just to get him to take a deep breath. I might have to give these a try!

  2. I've never seen ear plugs like these before. Interesting! Great reviews too :)

  3. These are some really different looking earplugs, although I've never used earplugs, these look like they would work well.

  4. My son loves to swim with earplugs but we haven't found a good pair that will stay in as he splashes around. He tends to get swimmer's ear so he really likes the plugs!

  5. I wear earplug every night. I dont sleep well as it is, and every little noise wakes me. So , between the cat, dogs snoring, and my husband, I'd really never get any shut eye.

  6. Thanks for the review. My little guy hates loud noises like fireworks and things like that. I bet he would love to have these!

  7. We need these every now and again. I think they'd be good to keep on hand.

  8. Ear plugs are amazing when really trying to focus, these look great!