Product Review Katie Kitty Potty Pals Potty Training System

Katie Kitty Potty Pals Potty Training System

The Potty Pal Training System is excellent for toddlers to learn about the Potty. It is interactive The Kitty Katie is adorable and every child would love it. Read to your child and interact and press the Kitty paws when your child achieves making on the potty. Kitty sings a cute song saying that "you did it" while the Kitty's arms move up and down.

Batteries are included, just turn the switch on under the Kitty and be ready to sing along with you and your child. It comes with stickers and a Potty Progress chart. The chart has 4 options that you can give your child a sticker. (I tried to use the potty) (I used the potty) (I wiped, flushed and washed) (I stayed dry all day) . There are many different stickers your child can choose from to put on their chart when they make an achievement. The book shows all the Potty Pals and read to your child about the Potty Pals telling them about making on the Potty. !! I received this Potty Pals Training system free in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.


  1. What a unique idea to get children to be potty trained! I always thought it just happened in one's own time! I love the potty pals and makes me wonder why it has taking someone so long to invent such a product! These products are quite unique!

  2. I wish I had this when I was potty training my kiddos. This is so cute and it sounds really fun. I will share this to family and friends who have babies. This will also make a great baby shower gift idea.

  3. Potty training can be litteral HELL there is no way to sugar coat it. I find that all moms do it when they feel it is right. Sometimes when they find its time its a huge chore. I love this system and i love the reward system it really makes a difference in the outcome. I will forward this to my girl friend who just had her second child about a month ago. I'm sure a investment into this is well worth it