Product Review Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones and Tablets

Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones and Tablets - Wifi Camera with App - 2 Year Warranty (Baby Product)

It took me sometime to figure out how to connect the camera with my Galaxy 6 phone. I was not connecting my WIFI connection after the initial connection so it was my fault for not following directions.

I do not have any babies, the only babies I have are my Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu. I would like to watch them when I am gone from my home for the day. I have tried it in the home and the WIFI works great. I am amazed at how clear the picture is on my screen and it is color also. You can move the camera by touching the screen on my phone. The best feature is I can actually hear them (my neighbors complain they bark alot :( I can now see if they do. I can also press the microphone button and tell them to stop. I tested that at home and they looked around when they heard my voice.

This is a great Monitor to have even if you do not have a baby. It has so many options. If you need to make the room brighter, You can also do a video or take pictures. It is great for pets and also monitor your home. I received this Monitor complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.

*UPDATE* I went out and had the camera on. The first time I have used it when I was out. I connected very easily to the camera with my phone. The picture was so clear I was able to monitor my house and pets. I was 2 hours away !!! I highly recommend this Monitor Love it

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