Product Review Kuuk Digital Kitchen Meat Thermometer

Kuuk Digital Kitchen Meat Thermometer

The Kuuk Digital Meat Thermometer works great. It has perfect accuracy. I cooked a chicken last night and used my thermometer for the first time.
Generally I bake a chicken at 350 degrees F. for 30 to 40 minutes. To be sure that the chicken is cooked thoroughly, I used the instant digital Meat Thermometer for the proper temperature of 165 degrees F. I knew my chicken was done when it was that degrees. No more guessing it makes it much easier then cutting open the chicken to see that it still has not cooked. I have done that and sometimes my chicken will come out dry.

I like that the thermometer features anti-microbial plastic casing, which prevents bacteria from spreading on the surface and into your kitchen. Easy to wash and I do not have to worry about shutting it off it shuts off itself. Features ultra-fast 4 second read time. The company also offers a 3 year warranty. I received this thermometer complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All words and opinions are my own.