Product Review Merinte DAYPACK - TRAVELPACK


I love this TravelPack. I have been using it for when I go out. It is super lightweight yet sturdy. It has 2 compartments. I normally put my phone in the smaller compartment and taken a long my tablet wallet and other items I might need for the day. Sometimes and depending where you are going it is so much easier to take with me than a pocketbook.

I have been taking it with me if I am spending the day at someone's house or a small trip I pack my personal items that I want close contact with instead of a suitcase or travel back. It is very durable and the zippers close very easily. It is made of very soft material and super thin. Love it !!! It can be used by anyone younger children to take their belongs to if they are staying over for a night. Many uses just as it states. Daypack, Travel pack Napsack. I received this DayPack complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and reviews are my own.