Product Review Air Freshener - Natural Odor Eliminator

Air Freshener - Natural Odor Eliminator - Herbal Air 5.07oz

The Healing Tree makes a super great Natural Odor Eliminator. I have been using it for my pets. I love that it does not have an odor or leaves a perfume smell on my couches and throw rugs. Even though I take my dogs for a daily grooming and they are kept clean they still leave a slight odor sometimes.

I spray this Air Freshener on my couches, and around my rooms and it takes away any kind of doggy smell. It works and is a neurtal Odor Eliminator. I have used it in the bathroom from so much use of showers. This does not mask the odors it eliminates them !!

My son also goes to gym everyday. I gave it to him to use in his gym bag, and shoes. He has been also using it everyday and it works. His gym bag is nylon so it is hard to wash the bag. There was an odor but no more !!! Great product I highly recommend it. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All words and opinions are my own.