Product Review CLD Brands Fishing Bite Bait Double Bell Alarm

CLD Brands Fishing Bite Bait Double Bell Alarm - Bonus Fish Recipes - LED Light Rod Tip - Lure Deadliest Catch - Perfect for Night Sea Fishermen

My husband and son go fishing every fishing season. It is the start of fishing season now in May. They fish on their boat and also on the beach. Any item that has to do with fishing of course I think of them. Sometimes it is a hit and some times it is a miss. I seen the CLD Fishing Bite Bait Bell Alarms and received them complimentary in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I did not tell them I was receiving them. I showed my husband first and he looked at them and said wow, your son loves to use these for fishing on the beach and so do I.

I was so happy to know that  they will enjoy using them because he said they worked great. He explained to me how it works. You put it on the tip of your rod and when you get a hit the bells ring and alerts you that you have a fish either biting or a fish on. I go fishing with them sometimes and I will definitely try these. All opinions and words are my own.