Product Review #1Strong Grip,Soft Handle 20cm Stainless Steel Strainer

#1Strong Grip,Soft Handle 20cm Stainless Steel Strainer best gift for Mother's Day,FREEDOM from clumsy seive,FREEDOM from large and heavy colander and replace it with Refreshing Green or Classy Black for your Lifestyle Kitchen - From Magikuchen

I love my stainless steel mesh strainer. I have been using a plastic ones for years now. I cooked 1lb of spaghetti today and it fit in the strainer. The strainer is a nice size perfect for about everything. I have used it for my vegetables and macaroni. I use it to clean my fresh vegetables which makes it very easy. The handle is very sturdy and comfortable to hold.

The strainer is stainless steel and has a high duty mesh. Its real a nice size and super easy to clean and I love that it is durable and very easy to hold. I received this strainer complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.