Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Cream Deodorant

I have been using Vanilla Mint Deodorant Cream for the past 3 weeks. It has the best smell of Vanilla and a Peppermint smell.  After it is on for a while it still leaves a nice fresh smell. I have never tried deodorant in a jar. I used a small sponge applicator to put it on. I used it twice daily as I normally would use my other deodorant. It kept me feeling fresh all day with no odor. The cream is pretty tight and thick so it goes on easily. 

It has all Organic Ingredients. Shea Butter Arrowroot Powder,Virgin Coconut Oil, Aluminum Free Baking Soda, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vanilla Extract and Tea Tree Essential Oil.

It protects you all day and it smells nice. It is made by Bella Organics.