Product Review Premium Quality Speed Jump Rope

Premium Quality Speed Jump Rope ☯ 100% Money Back Guarantee ☯ Cardio Exercise Skipping Rope, Double Bearing FREE Ebook ☯ Lightweight Wire Cable Perfect for Double Unders ☯ Ideal for Crossfit MMA Boxing BJJ ☯ Rx your next WOD

MY Son is a workout fanatic. He always says he wants to purchase a jump rope to workout at the gym. I did receive this product complimentary in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I received the jump rope not telling my son it was ordered. I showed it to him and he took it immediately read the directions on how to size it for himself which the directions were very easy and he sized it within a couple of minutes. He started using it and absolutely loves it.

He takes it to the gym and everyone asks him about it. I love that it can be adjustable to fit everyone who would like to use it. I sized it for myself I need practice !! Its been many years since I have jump roped. It is a professional rope great super grip handles. I know this jump rope will get a lot of use in my house and in the gym. The rope hand turns at a 90 degree angle to prevent tangling and bending. Made very well to last.